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Strange Money Episode – 45 The First Crash of 2018!

Strange Money is back! On this episode, Nick and Will talk about the recent market “crash”. On February 2018 The Dow fell by as much as 1,500 points, which is the biggest single-day loss in the history of the market. What does this mean? Is there going to be another collapse?...


Patrick Talks With Author Harry Dent / Life – Episode 6

Change and correction are a part of life… Nothing is sustainable forever, right? Harry Dent is often referred to as “The Contrarian of Contrarians”!  He’s written several books & is the founder / Editor in Chief of Dent Research. He joins Patrick from beautiful Puerto Rico to talk about the stock market bubble. ...


Strange Money Episode – 44 The Savings Buckets!

Strange Money is BACK! Nick and Will break down the 3 Savings Buckets: Taxable, Tax-Deferred and Tax-Free. They show you which of YOUR assets should go in each bucket! Nick and Will explain how to mitigate your provisional income to take better control over your finances! How can you build wealth...


The Mirror Strategy / Life – Episode 3

In “Life” Episode -3, Patrick Donohoe talks strategy! Recently, Patrick was a presenter at Jason Hartman’s “Meet the Masters” event in La Jolla California.  One of the concepts Patrick spoke about was called “The Mirror”. The concept of The Mirror is fairly simple.  It focuses on the financial statement of the individual, and...


“What Is Your Aim?” / Life – Episode 2

What is your aim?  How will you achieve goals while pursuing Life, Liberty, & Property? Patrick Donohoe goes solo in episode 2 of “Life” to talk about the necessity of your aim!  Sure, it’s kind of an ambiguous term, but “aim” is absolutely vital when it comes to creating a better quality...