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Strange Money


Strange Money Episode – 4 Wall Street vs. The Average Guy

The Stock Market is nuts… It’s REALLY been crazy!  We all know how easy it is to get distracted by “Big Shiny Objects”.  Nick & Will want to help keep the distractions to a minimum with sound, financial, strategies. Will want’s to know why it’s so hard for the average investor to get ahead on Wall Street.  Nick believes a stock...


Strange Money Episode – 3 Ladies & Gentlemen…Nick Jensen!!

Episode – 3 of Strange Money focuses on the amazing story of Nick Jensen!  Nick is cowboy…  No, he’s REALLY a cowboy.  He grew up on his Grandpa’s farm in Idaho where he was nearly killed about a thousand times! His life on the farm led him to a promising career as a Pro-Rodeo Bull Rider.  That was something he thought...


Strange Money Episode – 2 Ladies & Gentlemen… Will Street!!!

Episode – 2 of Strange Money focuses on the incredible story of Will Street!  Will is a Lawyer, Wealth Strategist and Show Host!  Pretty good life, right? He also grew up in a trailer park, next to a meth lab… Will’s life is inspirational and the very definition of the “American Dream”.  If you’ve ever felt hopeless, overwhelmed or that you have...


Strange Money Episode – 1

It’s the very first episode of Strange Money! Meet your hosts Nick Jensen & Will Street!  In this inaugural episode, Nick & Will talk about their reasons for starting a podcast & why they chose the name “Strange Money”!  They’ll also discuss why they have such a deep distrust for the stock market and the 401(k)! But…BUT… Nick & Will… EVERYBODY LOVES...