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The Wealth Standard


Austrian Economics and Infinite Banking

R Nelson Nash was greatly inspired by the Austrian School of Economics and for those who understand that school of thought as well as the intricacies of the Infinite Banking Concept understand fully the principle of FREEDOM. R Nelson Nash’s Become YOUR OWN BANKER is a world wide best-seller and has helped the...


Initiate Your Paradigm Shift

Ryan Clarke joins Patrick Donohoe to discuss the Infinite Banking Concept authored by R Nelson Nash. Along with R Nelson Nash Pamela Yellen has written about this life changing financial management system that has helped 10’s of thousands become financially free with a strategy that is not dependent on the market,...


2009 Finale: The Infinite Banking Concept

Patrick Donohoe ends 2009 with the secret of making 2010 monumental! The Infinite Banking Concept, orginally developed by R Nelson Nash, has revolutionalized the way individuals save, buy big ticket items and plan for retirement. With a increasingly volatile and unstable market, the “Traditional Retirement” has shown its true colors. The holes, instability and...


The Economic Perspective

Patrick Donohoe and Andy Safa discuss the US economy, how the different viewpoints of the economy cause unintended consequences and also the Infinite Banking Concept is discussed For more information about Paradigm Life and Infinite Banking, visit our resources page or contact us at or by phone at 1-800-870-8670.