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The Wealth Standard

The Return of Connor Boyack Episode – 203

Host Patrick Donohoe welcomes Connor Boyack back to The Wealth Standard!  Connor is a popular author and the President of Libertas. Patrick is extremely conflicted when it comes to the U.S. Economy.  He thinks many of the things that have happened over the past 10 years don’t make any sense!  American is...

Patrick Talks With Geoff Woods About “The One Thing”!

Geoff Woods is an entrepreneur and Vice President of Gary Keller’s “The One Thing”.  He’s been featured in & he’s on a mission to teach people how to live a life of focus so they can have MORE by doing LESS! What are models and systems that you can follow whether...


Is A Housing Market Correction Imminent? Episode – 192

During his time as a faculty member at The Summit At Sea, Patrick had amazing discussions with many of the greatest minds in the financial space.  A fair amount of those conversations took place away from the classroom with Dr. Doug Duncan, the Chief Economist for Fannie Mae. Dr. Duncan shared some...


Strange Money Episode – 8 The Next Layer of Growing Wealth

Will is pretty stressed.  His parents and in-laws are all getting together to see his new baby!  Nick’s going to help him relax by talking about…MONEY! They decide to continue their conversation about the Wealth Maximization Account as part of a successful financial portfolio. Which directly leads into using property ownership and...


Kids, Libertarians & Special Guest Connor Boyack PART-2

It’s part-2 or our special 2-part series with Author & Lobbyist Connor Boyack!  Patrick & co-host Chunga talk in-depth with Connor about the purpose and goals of his organization Libertas & how they’re working to change a variety of laws at a local & federal level. Connor shares his thoughts about the...