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Infinite Banking Concept


Why Single ­Family Residences? Why Texas? And, Why Now?

John Larson, Managing Director of American Real Estate Investments (AREIUSA) joins the show today! John answers some simple questions about how investing in single-family homes in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market is a solid investment, which parameters his organization uses to find worthy properties. Throughout the show, he details what goes on...


How Safe Is Your Personal Information? Episode – 207

It’s no secret to anyone that in todays world, Cyber-Security is a huge issue.  If the security of you personal information was compromised, you’d probably want to know about it immediately right? Equifax is a consumer credit reporting agency and is considered to be one of the top 3 reporting agency’s in...


Technology and Your Money – Episode 135

Patrick Donohoe and David Torsak sit down to talk about understanding the principles of wealth and the revolution of technology. They discuss the influence that technology has on wealth and how it changes our control. They discuss how human beings are imperfect, and we are always coming...


Planning Ahead for College Tuition

Patrick Donohoe is joined by Paradigm Life’s Justin Atkinson on this episode of Infinite Banking Radio. Patrick and Justin discuss planning your finances to pay for college tuition; what financial vehicles people generally use, and particularly how the Infinite Banking Concept can be a great way to pay for your child’s...


Infinite Banking in Canada

In this month’s podcast Patrick Donohoe is joined by Eric Roy to discuss Infinite Banking and how the concept can be applied in Canada. Eric Roy has been active in the Canadian insurance industry for the last 12 years and provides some valuable insight on some of the differences between US...


Thoughts From the Summit at Sea

Paradigm Life’s Patrick Donohoe and Brad Gibb take time out from the Real Estate Guys Summit Sea to bring you this month’s podcast.From the unique location of the Cayman Islands, Pat and Brad share a few of the things that they have gleaned from their time as a part of this...