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Show Notes


Strange Money Episode – 30 Common Investor Biases

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILL STREET!!! On this episode of Strange Money Nick and Will talk about an article by Dr. Wade Pfau going over Common Investor Biases. Nick and Will warn about everyday behaviors of investors have that lose them money in the market! How do you avoid a herd mentality when it...

Strange Money Episode – 29 A Tale of Two R.O.I’S

On this episode of Strange Money Nick and Will talk about the two different ROI’s, rate of return and reliability of income! In a world where conventional financial planners are always pushing new products for you to invest into; Nick and Will talk about making sure your investments and assets are...


Insider Trading with Congress – Episode 123

Patrick Donohoe and Ryan Lee sit down to discuss a recent video on insider trading with Congress. They first look at what insider trading is and why is presents issues. Then, Ryan examines the need for control over your money. Finally, they analyze the reasons we retire and how...


Interview With Mike Hambright – Episode 122

On this episode of the Wealth Standard Radio, Patrick chats with Mike Hambright about real estate and podcasting. Mike discusses his site and podcast, FlipNerd. He details his ventures in real estate and what failures brought him to the success he has now. Finally, Patrick and Mike talk about...


The Biggest Business in the World – Episode 118

Patrick Donohoe is joined by Ryan Lee to dive into the biggest business in the world. They discuss the several partnerships attached to this business. Ryan speaks on behalf of how the corporate world is affected. Patrick explains the impact of government and whether taxes are worth their cost....


Social Entrepreneurism with Lisa Lannon – Episode 117

Patrick Donohoe sits down with Lisa Lannon to discuss the concepts behind Social Capitalism and her new venture, Warrior’s Heart. On today’s episode, Patrick breaks down Lisa’s business model. Lisa explains the importance behind the privatization of social issues. Finally, the talk about Warrior’s Heart, what is does, it’s...