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Patrick Talks With Author Doug Casey Episode – 211

Doug Casey is a legend!  He wrote the N.Y.Times Best Seller “Crisis Investing” in addition to several other controversial, best selling, books!  He’s a staunch Libertarian that refers to himself as an “Anarco-Capitalist” (look it up!).  He’s also the founder of Casey Research, which focuses on emerging economic trends.  Be warned,...


Patrick Welcomes Andrew Lanoie & Mauricio Rauld Episode – 210

Patrick talks with Andrew Lanoie and Mauricio Rauld! Andrew and Mauricio own a business called Four Peaks Capital Partners.  It’s a private investment firm that specializes in alternative assets.  The core mission of Four Peaks Capital Partners is to take an exclusive group of investors and get them into tangible assets that...


Why the Flat Tax Could Kill the Economy – Episode 127

Patrick Donohoe and Tom Wheelwright talk about flat taxes and how they impact our economy.  After briefly discussing current politics, they then take a look at government policies, and how taxes roll into those policies. Finally, Tom advises everyone to be educated in money, career, and political decisions including the effects...


Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy – Episode 126

Patrick Donohoe and Noah Kelsch discuss research showing that once you hit 30 years old, you are more likely to be miserable. They examine the factors for being unhappy and discuss how happiness doesn’t reside in circumstances, but that it is a state of mind. Finally, they talk about the decision...


The New Retirement Plan – Episode 125

Patrick Donohoe and Wade Pfau discuss shifting from retirement saving mode to retirement income mode. Then, Wade examines how to create a retirement strategy and what most people are doing wrong with their current retirement plan. Finally, they discuss alternative ways to get the most out your retirement plan and the...