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Why Single ­Family Residences? Why Texas? And, Why Now?

John Larson, Managing Director of American Real Estate Investments (AREIUSA) joins the show today! John answers some simple questions about how investing in single-family homes in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market is a solid investment, which parameters his organization uses to find worthy properties. Throughout the show, he details what goes on...


Strange Money Episode – 36 Tax Reform and 401K’s

On this episode of Strange Money Nick and Will talk about Donald Trump’s new tax reform proposal and its impact on 401k’s. The speculation is, 54 million Americans could be limited on the amount they can contribute to a 401k. Nick and Will discuss why that could actually be a good...


Strange Money Episode – 34 Motivation vs. Discipline

On this episode of Strange Money, Nick and Will talk about Discipline VS Motivation! Every time you invest you want to have an entry and exit strategy. Motivation will get your goals started and discipline will help you finish them. Nick and Will show you how to build a system of...