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Strange Money


Strange Money Episode-15 How to Pursue Your Financial Dreams Part-2

Things got pretty personal in the last episode of Strange Money. In part-1, they talked about their fears, their concerns and how grown-ups are expected to give up the goals and dreams of their youth. In part 2 Nick and Will are joined by Chunga for his first Strange Money appearance! Together, Nick, Will and Chunga go over many different...


Strange Money Episode – 14 How To Pursue Your Financial Dreams

What did Nick and Will do for Memorial Day? Nick celebrated his anniversary and went hiking with his family in St. George, Utah! Will, on the other hand, mowed his lawn and watched his sprinklers run… ALL DAY! In part one of this two-part series Nick and Will talk about the daily problems many Americans have when it comes to pursuing...


Strange Money Episode – 13 Risk and Control

Nick and Will actually had to record this episode twice! Apparently, Nick told a family story that hit a little bit too close to home and because of it, he wound up in the dog house… In this episode, Will and Nick talk about risk and control associated with investing. In the financial space risk is everywhere, especially if you’re investing...


Strange Money Episode-12 Formal Education VS. Self-Education

Nick and his wife are going through a challenging time; their oldest daughter is getting ready to go to college. Truth be told, Nick isn’t completely “sold” on higher education. He thinks the system is severely broken and WAY too expensive. It may come as a surprise but Will agrees! Sure, Will is extremely proud of his law degree, but...


Strange Money Episode – 10 Avoiding The Herd Mentality

Nick and Will delve into why it’s so difficult for people to go against the herd. This may be due to comfort or that people are afraid of change. With the power to challenge conventional wisdom and do your own research, there’s amazing potential that can work for you specifically. They also discuss the difference between incremental and drastic changes....


Strange Money Episode – 9 Reach The Top Of The Wealth Pyramid

After spending multiple episodes on ascending the wealth pyramid, Nick and Will reach the top of the pyramid. Together, they discuss the proper timing and strategy that is needed in order to start with risky investments. What is your passion? The top of the pyramid is meant to help you achieve that. Strange Money shows you a path to achieve your...


Strange Money Episode – 8 The Next Layer of Growing Wealth

Will is pretty stressed.  His parents and in-laws are all getting together to see his new baby!  Nick’s going to help him relax by talking about…MONEY! They decide to continue their conversation about the Wealth Maximization Account as part of a successful financial portfolio. Which directly leads into using property ownership and real estate to gain passive income. Passive Income can be...


Strange Money Episode – 7 The Wealth Maximization Account

Nick & Will have spent the past few episodes talking about the importance of having a sound financial foundation.  In many ways, the most important piece of your financial pyramid could be a Wealth Maximization Account. What do you think of when someone says “Life Insurance”?  Does your brain shut down?  Numb over?  Well… Listen to this episode & learn just...


Strange Money Episode-6 With Special Guest Patrick Donohoe

Nick & Will welcome special guest Patrick Donohoe! Patrick is the CEO of Paradigm Life & host of the popular Wealth Standard Podcast.  By all accounts, Patrick is the very definition of success!  That success however, was far from easy and came at a very high price. Like many Americans, Patrick & his young company became victims of the market and economic...