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Strange Money


Strange Money Episode – 22 Cryptocurrency. Are you in?

On this episode of Strange Money, Nick and Will talk about Cryptocurrency! Nowadays many Americans are taking a risk by investing into popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin instead of hard assets. Though this new approach sounds great in theory, Nick and Will go over the risks and benefits of investing in this new currency. What assets are backing virtual currency? Can...


Strange Money Episode – 21 Plan Against Chaos!

On this episode of Strange Money Nick and Will talk about how to plan and protect yourself against chaos. It happens to everyone, at some point in your life you will have a period of financial uncertainty. Maybe it’s a job loss. Maybe it’s a natural disaster. Maybe it’s a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! There are several ways that financial uncertainty can...


Strange Money Episode – 18 Market Disruptions

On this episode of Strange Money, Nick returns from a family reunion at Bear Lake and Will had a new security system installed his home by a very “sketchy guy”. Wait… WHY IS THERE A GIANT HOLE IN WILL’S CEILING? In a world of instant gratification, technology is changing the landscape for new and old businesses daily! How can brick and...


Strange Money Episode-17 Money, Kids & Patrick Donohoe

This week Nick and Will are joined by Patrick Donohoe! Patrick is the CEO of Paradigm Life and the founder of The Wealth Standard podcast. Money and kids! It’s never an easy thing! Nick, Will and Patrick discuss how much should you let your kids struggle. How to do build purpose and discipline in your kids through these life lessons? The...


Strange Money Episode – 16 Ask Nick and Will!

Nick and Will answer YOUR questions live on air! You have asked and now they’ll answer! How will the new interest rate raise from the federal government affect your investments? Has Wall Street forgotten about the “fly-over states”? DOES WILL STILL HAVE HIS BLOOD CLUBS?! Listen NOW to find out! Do you have any questions you would like to ask Nick and Will...


Strange Money Episode-15 How to Pursue Your Financial Dreams Part-2

Things got pretty personal in the last episode of Strange Money. In part-1, they talked about their fears, their concerns and how grown-ups are expected to give up the goals and dreams of their youth. In part 2 Nick and Will are joined by Chunga for his first Strange Money appearance! Together, Nick, Will and Chunga go over many different...


Strange Money Episode – 14 How To Pursue Your Financial Dreams

What did Nick and Will do for Memorial Day? Nick celebrated his anniversary and went hiking with his family in St. George, Utah! Will, on the other hand, mowed his lawn and watched his sprinklers run… ALL DAY! In part one of this two-part series Nick and Will talk about the daily problems many Americans have when it comes to pursuing...


Strange Money Episode – 13 Risk and Control

Nick and Will actually had to record this episode twice! Apparently, Nick told a family story that hit a little bit too close to home and because of it, he wound up in the dog house… In this episode, Will and Nick talk about risk and control associated with investing. In the financial space risk is everywhere, especially if you’re investing...