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The Wealth Standard


The Cash Flow Wealth Summit Is Underway! Episode-199

It’s time for the Cash Flow Wealth Summit! Patrick Donohoe and co-host Chunga take some time to give you the history, background and philosophy that gave birth to this unique, 2-day online event!  They also talk about the elite faculty of 30+ presenters and discuss what you can expect from them at...


Bit-Coin, Tesla & Connor Boyack! Episode – 198

Connor Boyack returns to The Wealth Standard to talk with Patrick Donohoe about “disruptive business”.  New companies like Tesla are finding it difficult (if not impossible) to operate in some U.S. States because of old school government “loop holes” and lobbyists. Have you been paying attention to Crypto-Currency?  There’s been a renewed...


Mark Zuckerberg & Universal Basic Income Episode -197

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave this years commencement speech at Harvard.  He spent an awful lot of time talking about Universal Basic Income or “U.B.I”. If you haven’t heard, there’s a growing movement to provide a basic level of money to everyone around the globe.  The concept is designed to help people...


Episode – 195 Lessons from Michael Isom and the Rockefellers

Patrick is joined by Michael Isom, co-author of What Would The Rockefellers Do? Michael discusses why setting goals every 90 days can be so effective to accomplish your goals. It helps with the natural progression from abundance to prosperity, where you stop searching for more growth and want to contribute in another life....


Is A Housing Market Correction Imminent? Episode – 192

During his time as a faculty member at The Summit At Sea, Patrick had amazing discussions with many of the greatest minds in the financial space.  A fair amount of those conversations took place away from the classroom with Dr. Doug Duncan, the Chief Economist for Fannie Mae. Dr. Duncan shared some...


Patrick Returns From “The Summit At Sea”! Episode – 190

Patrick returns from a full week of teaching along side Robert Kiyosaki at “The Real Estate Guys, Summit At Sea”! Co-host Chunga is somewhat skeptical of business conferences.  He thinks the majority of them are “money grabs” loaded with lots of attempted up-sales.  The Summit At Sea however, is much, much different. Patrick,...