Baby Boomers

The Changing Rules of Money – Episode 106

TWS 106Patrick and Brad tend to some general housekeeping. The Cash Flow Wealth Summit has only a few days left of free access. They recap the three wealth destroyers and analyze how to avoid them legally. Finally, the importance of investing in real estate, business, and yourself are all part of today’s episode of The Wealth Standard Radio.

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[2:39] Fundrise Interview

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Baby Boomers: Take Control of Your Financial Future

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Patrick Donohoe, Trever Keele (D.D.S. MBA) and Brad Gibb (MAcc) have a round table discussion about the current state of the economy, Infinite Banking and the effect of Baby Boomers on our society today and in the future.

Great insight and perspective is given from the different backgrounds of the podcast participants – Trever Keele (D.D.S. MBA)  is a practicing dentist, Brad Gibbb (MAcc)  works in the accounting field, and Patrick Donohoe with knowledge of economics and insurance products helps round out the discussion. Find out why it is more important than ever to start taking control of your financial future.

Learn how Infinite Banking can help you take a different route in recouping lost interest costs and opportunity costs.