Brad Gibbs

The Cone of Learning – Episode 140

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Don’t miss the 140th episode of the Wealth Standard Radio, our first episode to be recorded at sea! Join Patrick Donohoe, Ryan Lee, and Brad Gibbs as they talk about their experience at The Summit at Sea, a summit where like minded entrepreneurs and achievers can come together to share ideas and learn from the best.

Tune in as Patrick talks about his biggest takeaway from the conference: “The Cone of Learning”.  This concept was developed by Robert Kiyosaki, the best selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and describes the way that different people learn. At the top of the cone (the smallest percentage of people) is reading, with “Do the Real Thing” (real life practice), down at the bottom, representing the highest number of people who learn best that way.

Patrick, Brad, and Ryan talk about how our school systems now expect everyone to learn in the same way – the least common way – by reading, and punish anyone who doesn’t conform. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t conform to the experiences that are taught at school. In real life, there are more than one answers and more than one ways of doing things – unlike on a multiple choice test in school.

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