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TWSFF 09 | Investing In Yourself


Patrick talks about how to get a 10% raise for life by investing in yourself. People are spending their time away from their families, loved ones or even the things they love to do in exchange for money. The hard money they earned is invested in other things such as retirement plans. Instead of investing the money to other things, Patrick points out to allocate it to the most important one – yourself. As people grow and expand, investing in human life value assets will ultimately lead to more money.

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Boost Your Wealth

Financial Friday

The topic is how to get a 10% raise for life. Let me step back and explain why I feel like this is a focus that everybody should have, which is making more money, figuring out how to do that every year. First, I believe that humans are designed to grow. We are designed to expand, to solve new problems. We all have that within each of us. It may be at various levels and capacities based on our uniqueness. I see how much time people are spending away from their families, spending time away from the things they love to do, their hobbies. They do it to exchange time for money, for working. I get it. At the same time, I don’t know if individuals ever step back and analyze the process and the exchange. It’s essentially exchanging time for money. It’s exchanging time for value because the money comes because somebody values your experience, your skills, your abilities, your training. That connection sounds simple but I believe it’s very profound. The irony is that because it’s not understood, people then take a portion of what they’re making and they save it. They invest it in retirement plans. They give it to a money manager at Wall Street. They turn around and make measly returns.

TWSFF 09 | Investing In Yourself

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

I believe that same amount of money, probably even so much less, can be invested to earn hundreds of percent per year in what I call the number one investment, which is you. What I mean by that is in the book I wrote, Heads I Win, Tails You Lose. This is something I covered there. I spent several pages in there discussing what’s known as the human life value, the HLV statement or Human Life Value statement. Most people are familiar with the financial statement. A financial statement is your assets, liabilities, income and expenses. I took a different approach, which is something I learned from some individuals that I have tremendous respect for, which is income comes from your human life value assets. It’s the training, the degrees, the certifications, basically what you’ve accumulated in which somebody is willing to give you money for because they find it valuable. Those assets are not static assets. Those are assets that can be enhanced or built. That is what’s going to ultimately lead to more money. As far as the hundreds of percent per year, which is essentially a billion of these assets with the investment and capital that you are allocating elsewhere.

We also have human life value liabilities. This is what’s also interesting is that when you identify what your assets are, you want to focus your time, your effort and your energy to those assets, which requires eliminating some liabilities or maybe even increasing liabilities. Increasing liabilities is essentially having others do the things that you’re not good at, that you don’t like doing. What that does, it gives you more time, energy and ultimately focus to enhance these assets. I’m not going to get into a lot of details there. Maybe a simple example is having someone cut your lawn. It’s going to cost you maybe $100 a month during the summer or shovel your snow. That’s the time that you can spend and put energy into stuff that you’d like doing or stuff that you’re good at.

I’m sure that you may be good at mowing the lawn. If you’re worth $100, $200, $300 an hour, why are you going to pay somebody $30 or why are you going to pay yourself ultimately and sacrifice the time you could have spent earning $100 an hour for $30 an hour? It’s a big loss in doing that. The idea is to invest in yourself and build your income. How you do it is interesting because there are so many ways to approach it. I would say some simple ways to approach it is to be familiar with what your market value is, your economic value. That can be easily done at, There are a lot of other sites that are popping up that will show you based on your experience, based on your certifications, your degrees, what you’re doing, your job title and so forth. What the median is, what the long tail, the other side of the bell curve, the high end, the low end. It’s going to show you other positions that may be in the same field that pay more than what you’re currently earning.

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Those positions, you may have the experience for that or you may not. This is what gives you clues as to where to place the investments to build those human life value assets. It could be a management certification, a leadership certification, some leadership experience, management experience. It could be to do with software development or marketing and certification in certain elements of marketing. There’s a whole slew of things. What I would say is that approaching these types of websites, what you want to go in with is not necessarily the fact that you can make more money by having this experience. It’s also, is this a position that you would want to do? I believe that fulfilling work gives us vitality. It creates tremendous productivity. It’s getting into something simply because of money. I hear from dentists all the time who hate digging in people’s mouths but they do because they make a lot of money. That drains other elements of your life. As you’re doing some research and due diligence on what is available to you to make more money, take into consideration what I said, which is ensure that it is fulfilling and aligns with who you are.

Another investment you can make is in a different assessment. Assessments that actually tell you more objectively about who you are, what your strengths are, what your tendencies are, your instincts. This helps to understand yourself better and the value that you bring to the world. It may be engaging with people at a different level. It may be different positions as far as the style of communication that you like or dislike or how you work with groups or don’t work in groups. Knowing more about yourself is going to also enable you to work in certain positions.

TWSFF 09 | Investing In Yourself

Investing In Yourself: Fulfilling work gives us vitality. It creates tremendous productivity.


The approach here is simple. The approach is you’ve got to figure out how to make more money per year. Focus on 10% for now. It may cost you $1,000, $2,000, $3,000. Going to the investment return, if you make an investment of let’s say $3,000 a year and you make $100,000 a year as a salary, that’s significant but $3,000, if you can get a 10% raise because of that, that’s $10,000 in additional money. That’s a 300% rate of return more. My point behind all of this is that should be where the focus is. It’s figuring out a way to make more money or make the same amount of money with less time. I’ve written some eBooks that talk about this.

I’m in the process of doing a big research project associated with jobs, professions, contract work positions that pay more than $75,000 a year. You can do anywhere in the world. Also, a lot of it is part-time, 20 hours, 30 hours per week. My big drive when it comes to writing the book doing this podcast is to help individuals have more freedom, even more freedom than they have right now, more independence. Sometimes people wake up in the morning. They go to work. They go to an office because they think they have to. Because of how society is progressing, there’s so much opportunity to work from home, work on an island somewhere, work in a state or a place you want to live as long you have a good internet connection and do so on your terms.

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It may not be available for everyone. Knowing that these positions exist can now create focus and ultimately a path to build your human life value statement to the point where you could have one of these jobs or one of these professions whether it’s contract work or a full-time position or a part-time position that’s remote. These opportunities are coming online more and more. I have a researcher that’s digging into this. We found hundreds of domestic, US-based jobs that pay over $75,000 a year. It’s exciting. We’re going to a whole book and eBook around that for your benefit. I wrote a little eBook that you can access at I know it’s going to help create some ideas. It’s going to create some motivation behind doing this because I know you can.

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking about how to make more money, hopefully, these ideas have resonated with you. Some of them are repeated in this eBook. They’ve already written, which is how to make 10% more for life. Here’s what you’re going to get as a result. If you make $100,000 a year and you’re getting the customary 3% raise per year because of inflation, cost of living, that amounts the total lifetime earnings over 30 years. Factoring in that 3% raise is under $5 million, so 30 years of that. If you’ve got a 10% raise every year instead of 3%, which is totally possible. It may not be every single year but averaging it out over that course of time. The 10% a year average amounts to $16.5 million. It’s more than $11 million more just by this being the primary investment as opposed to other types of savings, mutual funds, investments and so forth. Another few ideas, hiring a coach. I have two coaches right now. I’ve had a coach since I’ve started my businesses. I’ve graduated past several of the coaches. I found that some coaches didn’t necessarily have expertise in certain areas that I needed but not in others. I’ve had over a dozen in the last several years. Right now, I have two.

These two coaches are women. They’re very experienced with the relationship, very experienced with business and personal development. It’s the first time I’ve had women as coaches. They’ve been pushing me harder than my previous coaches. The accountability is so high. It’s incredible. I’ve seen so much growth in a few months, tremendous growth. Coaches are important. What’s an idea around getting a coach? I would reach out to the most successful people in your circle of influences or acquaintances and ask them who their coaches are. I guarantee that some of them have them.

You start to interview several and get clear on what you want from a coach. For me, it’s helping me communicate better, helping me have more balance in my life as well as accountability. It’s been huge and highly beneficial. A personal coach is another way in which you can make an investment. I hope you found some value in this. Hopefully, you can do what it takes. Take action now, do something, stop contributions to this, that or the other. Dedicate some capital to making an investment in yourself because I know that it’s going to pay off. I hope you enjoyed the episode. We will see you in the next episode.

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