Poor Dad

Why I Quit My Six Figure Job and Started a Real Estate Business – Episode 146

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Why would you quit a six figure job and start a real estate business? Today our host Patrick Donohoe sits down with the real estate mogul Andrew Lanoie to talk to him about life, career, and business. Andrew and Patrick discuss how the 2008 crash served as a wake up call to Andrew. When his parents lost a significant portion of their savings in the crash, he realized that the “system was broken” and he needed to make a change. He decided to re-evaluate his life as a talent agent for William Morris (where he worked with celebrities like Sheryl Crow, Blues Traveler, and Lily Tomlin) and find a different business.

Patrick and Andrew talk about how he transitioned from his day job to living entirely off real estate investments and how long it took him to do so. They also discuss the intense re-education process that Andrew went through, where he learned how to start and manage a business and create wealth by reading books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and listening to podcasts like this one!

Finally, they talk about the successes of last year’s Cash Flow Wealth Summit, where they both spoke. They encourage you to register for the 2016 Summit, where Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad Poor Dad will be speaking, as well as a wide array of other successful speakers representing seventeen different industries.

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