Reducing Debt Services

The Elephant and the Rider – Episode 105

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TWS105-TheElephantandtheWriterOn this episode of The Wealth Standard, Justin Martin and Jennie Steed talk about their recent Truth Concepts seminar. They dive into the necessity of teamwork and knowledge. Justin analyzes the need for a clear financial strategy. Jennie discusses using systems to support your financial objective. Finally, they break down the chasm between emotions and rationality.

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[0:00] Intro

[0:34] Cash Flow Wealth Summit

[3:15] Jennie and the Hidden Truths

[7:25] The Importance of Shifting Strategies

[9:29] Product versus Strategy

[11:08] Truth Concepts

[15:11] Financial Teamwork

[21:03] Solid Investment Foundations

[23:43] Cash Flow Banking System

[25:29] The Current State of the Financial Industry

[30:06] The Elephant and the Rider

[36:24] Road Maps at Paradigm Life

[39:23] Reducing Debt Services

[42:16] Keeping Your Taxes in Check

[46:24] Wrap-Up

[49:59] Outro


The system has to be the primary focus and then adding tools to make that system work most efficiently. Is your system working for you? Click To Tweet Today, people aren’t sure of what the best strategy or system is for them. Are you one of those people? Click To Tweet Emotions are what guide the next thought which guides the next action. Recognize and acknowledge that to achieve your financial objectives. Click To Tweet

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