Wealth In A Consumeristic Society With Garrett Gunderson, Part 2

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We’re in a consumeristic society where our idea of wealth lies in the physical things we get to have. So we consume and consume thinking that it is the only way we can quench that thirst. Garret Gunderson is back in this second part of the series to redefine the game. He shares his unique insights on wealth and what people are after with their goals. He also taps into the power of intuition, allowing it to guide him to achieve the things he wants and make a better impact.

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Wealth In A Consumeristic Society With Garrett Gunderson, Part 2

There is a saying that embodies the idea of absolute and unwavering commitment. That saying is, “Burn your boats,” which is to say when you make a decision or a commitment, there’s no plan B, no escape clause, no way to back out of the commitment. My good friend, Garrett Gunderson has made a pretty bold commitment. He’s made one of the riskiest moves that I’ve seen in a long time. He spent what most people would consider a fortune on training, coaching Hollywood-level film producers, production crews and other consultants to create this one-hour comedy special, primarily focused around the topic of money and personal finance.

In June of 2021, I was fortunate to be invited to live taping. It is seriously a level ten. It met all expectations and exceeded them. It’s honestly hilarious. Before this film is made available, Garrett is going to be doing a multicity tour and it may be coming to a city near you. Why did he do it? Why comedy? I would say the taboo topics of politics and religion have a stepchild, which is money and personal finance. The stack of cognitive biases that prevent the mind from rationally evaluating financial strategy is pretty thick. The exception is someone having an open mind. However, the rule is that what’s familiar with the status quo, it’s to stay on that course.

Garrett hypothesizes that humor is a catalyst to breaking through these filters but he’s written three books. One of them is a New York Times Bestseller. He’s been in the space for years. Despite what most would consider a success, his mission is to breakthrough what keeps holding people back from living a life that they truly want. He’s spoken on videos. He has a pretty broad social media audience. He’s taken this message, he believes as far as he can go. In this three-part video show series, you’re going to learn a few things about what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.

Number one is how powerful ideas have made their way into our belief systems, with any betting scrutiny or evaluation, how difficult it is to go back and objectively understand these beliefs without shortcuts such as humor. Number two is the unique perspective on wealth and what people are after with their goals like retirement or financial freedom. In the third episode, we’re going to talk about Garrett’s journey, where he’s put his essentially successful career and reputation at risk, why he’s done it and everything that has led up to this point in time and this decision. You are going to love these episodes. I can’t wait for you to experience this new content from Garrett, to learn more about his tour. If it’s coming to a city near you, go ahead over to FreeFlow.group. Enjoy.

I don’t know if we’re designed to sit still. He’s certainly not the type to sit still.

It’s cool to look back. I was a miser when I was first married. I was all about the game of preservation, cutting and budgeting. My kids are fascinated when they hear these stories because they don’t know that version of me. I remember my youngest. She goes, “I thought it would be the best thing for our family at the time.” I was like, “That was so healing.” In our first year of marriage, I felt like my wife was going, “What did I get into?” I’m like, “We need to balance this checkbook. Why are you spending so much on your classroom? You’re supposed to get paid as a teacher, not that you’re paying out. Why is this electrical bill so high?” It’s ridiculous.

She was patient. She keeps holding a mirror up and saying, “Is this what you want? Is this who you want to be?” She creates that powerful listening for me where I’d be like, “I could probably do better.” You’ll love that version but I appreciate this version even more. We can probably go on. We should totally do another one of these. This is what I get that we’re not talking finance because people can learn finance from your book or my book and all this stuff. This is the stuff that’s underneath it that captures wealth.

TWS 15 | Consumeristic Society

Consumeristic Society: Intuition is the source. It is the divine path or divine wheel.


That’s where I want it to go. I believe, maybe it’s not direct but there is a total correlation between your enjoyment of life, who you are, your understanding of wealth and your experience of wealth. We all live in a society that we should be in amazement 24/7 because of how we get to live compared to the past, yet there are still people that are miserable. You then have people with lots of money. There is this insatiable thing where they think that physical things are going to quench that thirst. I look at my experience with things. I would love to get your thoughts. Your levels of impact have improved. With impact, I mean ways in which you create wealth. It’s improved because of your internal improvement. I’m not sure if there’s a direct correlation but I know that there is a tie, at least that’s my experience.

We’re in a consumeristic society where the eternal quest is for more.

The limbic part of our brain is like that monkey brain, all it knows is to consume as much as possible.

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In redefining the game, it changed everything for me. What if more peace and less worry? What if more leisure and less sacrifice? What if more meditation, recreation and less frustration? In my twenties, I had so much ambition of more revenue, even more employees so I could tell people how many employees I have. Do you remember my office back then? It was way extravagant for I was out at that point in my career. It was about more shows and less personal growth because I didn’t have time for it. The work was being at work versus the work is working on myself. I had enough of it because there was a care of what if I do this work.

I can remember one of our mutual friends, Vince. He’s like, “Go to Myanmar.” I thought it was going to make me a better financial advisor. It did but not for the reason I thought it would. In my twenties, I did a lot of talking in this show but now I’m focusing on listening more. Not just listening to people but listening to intuition because I felt like intuition is the source. It is the knowledge that it is the divine path or divine wheel. I can have free will but that could detour a lot of times than listening to that intuition. I still have a choice, whether to pay attention to it or not. That might be a little bit deeper on a philosophical level but I’ve found that to be true.

I don’t know if it was listening to my intuition. I was in LA and walking. I saw this kid looked like he was in pain, in angst and mental pain. He didn’t look like he’d been homeless or if he had been homeless like, “Don’t talk to him, just walk by.” It was inconvenient because there were two other people. I’m walking to the airport and I see this girl. She’s a little bit heavier but she was beautiful. I’m like, “Go tell her she’s beautiful.” He’s like, “I’m married. That might be weird.” My intuition was like maybe she’s needed to hear that at that moment. I start rationalizing and justifying out of safety, protection, convenience, inconvenience or hustler. When I’m listening to my intuitions, I had a dream to write a one-man show. It was a dream. I woke up. I’m like, “I’m doing it.” You’ve seen it. You’ve seen the impact it has. It’s not even officially out yet but that’s intuition.

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