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18 Aug

Social Security is BROKE! Episode – 204

In this weeks episode of The Wealth Standard, Patrick and co-host Chunga discuss some newly released information concerning Social Security. Many are now claiming that America’s Social Security program will most likely required a goverment bail out that’s 60x greater than the 2008 emergency bank bail out!  Social Security was never meant to support people for as long as it currently...

17 Aug

Strange Money Episode – 25

WOO HOO! Will is back from vacation and Nick just had his 40th birthday! On this episode of Strange Money, Nick and Will go over a recent Market Watch article stating that one of the most successful hedge-fund professionals says “We’re ‘nowhere near an overheated’ stock market.” Nick and Will couldn’t disagree more… They discuss the current market state and how...

11 Aug

Strange Money Episode – 24 Why Aren’t There More Women in Finance

Will is on vacation which is a perfect opportunity for Nick to introduce his office neighbor and Wealth Strategist Jennie Steed! On this episode of Strange Money Nick and Jennie go over how to build a sound financial strategy while utilizing logic and emotion in your investments. Nick and Jennie also talk about the absence of women in the finance...

The Wealth Standard
10 Aug

The Return of Connor Boyack Episode – 203

Host Patrick Donohoe welcomes Connor Boyack back to The Wealth Standard!  Connor is a popular author and the President of Libertas. Patrick is extremely conflicted when it comes to the U.S. Economy.  He thinks many of the things that have happened over the past 10 years don’t make any sense!  American is in the longest economic expansion in history without a...

04 Aug

Strange Money Episode 23 Money CAN Buy Happiness!

On this episode of Strange Money Nick and Will go over a recent Harvard University Study that says money can indeed buy you happiness! Do you believe this is true? Nick and Will may surprise you! What would you spend money on to bring you happiness? Nick and Will also announce the contest winner for the $100 Visa gift card! Are...

31 Jul

Strange Money Episode – 22 Cryptocurrency. Are you in?

On this episode of Strange Money, Nick and Will talk about Cryptocurrency! Nowadays many Americans are taking a risk by investing into popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin instead of hard assets. Though this new approach sounds great in theory, Nick and Will go over the risks and benefits of investing in this new currency. What assets are backing virtual currency? Can...

21 Jul

Patrick Talks With Geoff Woods About “The One Thing”!

Geoff Woods is an entrepreneur and Vice President of Gary Keller’s “The One Thing”.  He’s been featured in & he’s on a mission to teach people how to live a life of focus so they can have MORE by doing LESS! What are models and systems that you can follow whether you’re a stay at home mom, or a billionare?...

21 Jul

Strange Money Episode – 21 Plan Against Chaos!

On this episode of Strange Money Nick and Will talk about how to plan and protect yourself against chaos. It happens to everyone, at some point in your life you will have a period of financial uncertainty. Maybe it’s a job loss. Maybe it’s a natural disaster. Maybe it’s a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! There are several ways that financial uncertainty can...

14 Jul

Patrick talks with Author & Visionary Cameron Herold

At this years Cash Flow Wealth Summit, Patrick Donohoe interviewed popular author and entrepreneur Cameron Herold.  Cameron is the writer of the critically acclaimed books “Double Double”, “Meetings Suck” and “The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs” and many others.  He was also give the title “CEO Whisperer” by Rich Karlgaard, the publisher of Forbes. Cameron Herald was one of the keynote speakers...