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16 Oct

Patrick Talks With Author Doug Casey Episode – 211

Doug Casey is a legend!  He wrote the N.Y.Times Best Seller “Crisis Investing” in addition to several other controversial, best selling, books!  He’s a staunch Libertarian that refers to himself as an “Anarco-Capitalist” (look it up!).  He’s also the founder of Casey Research, which focuses on emerging economic trends.  Be warned, Doug has a reputation for predicting “doom and gloom”! Doug...

12 Oct

Strange Money Episode – 32 Dave Ramsey SUCKS!

It’s Strange Money time and Nick and Will are talking about Dave Ramsey! Though Dave may give good advice to some people, everything he says might not be the best route for YOU! Nick and Will break down multiple opinions and strategies from Dave Ramsey and some of the other “financial experts” in the industry. Nick and Will break out the...

06 Oct

Strange Money Episode – 31 Setting Up A Family Council

This week on Strange Money, Nick and Will go over the importance of setting up a Family Council. Relationships in a family can be tough, especially when it comes to talking about finances. In fact, money is the number one cause of family fights. That’s why Nick and Will say it’s important to set up a multi-tiered family council early...

05 Oct

Patrick Welcomes Andrew Lanoie & Mauricio Rauld Episode – 210

Patrick talks with Andrew Lanoie and Mauricio Rauld! Andrew and Mauricio own a business called Four Peaks Capital Partners.  It’s a private investment firm that specializes in alternative assets.  The core mission of Four Peaks Capital Partners is to take an exclusive group of investors and get them into tangible assets that aren’t tied to Wall Street.  Simply put, their business...

29 Sep

Strange Money Episode – 30 Common Investor Biases

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILL STREET!!! On this episode of Strange Money Nick and Will talk about an article by Dr. Wade Pfau going over Common Investor Biases. Nick and Will warn about everyday behaviors of investors have that lose them money in the market! How do you avoid a herd mentality when it comes to your investments? How do you read the...

25 Sep

Patrick Talks About Perspective With Daniel Ameduri Episode – 209

Daniel Ameduri is an investor and entrepreneur.  His primary focus is on personal finance and he’s the driving force behind, The Wealth Research Group, Permanent Wealth Partners and several other publications and businesses. Patrick and Daniel spend this episode talking about “perspective” and the importance of being open to understanding the opinions of people you may not agree with.  The...

21 Sep

Strange Money Episode – 29 A Tale of Two R.O.I’S

On this episode of Strange Money Nick and Will talk about the two different ROI’s, rate of return and reliability of income! In a world where conventional financial planners are always pushing new products for you to invest into; Nick and Will talk about making sure your investments and assets are ready to transition with you during your different stages...

14 Sep

Why Do People Stay In Ruts Episode – 208

Patrick has been trying to get this week’s guest on the show for a VERY long time…  He’s tried forever! The Wealth Standard is proud to welcome Synthia Donohoe to the show!  Yep, Patrick has been trying for quite a while to get his wife to be a guest!  A few weeks ago, Pat & Synthia were able to travel Mexico...

13 Sep

Strange Money Episode – 28 Preparing For Long-Term Care

On this episode of Strange Money, Nick and Will talk about having a plan for long term care. With the recent damage that Hurricane Harvey and Irma have caused, Nick and Will talk about making sure you are prepared financially before it’s too late. What are the first steps to take when developing your long-term plan? How do you make...

08 Sep

How Safe Is Your Personal Information? Episode – 207

It’s no secret to anyone that in todays world, Cyber-Security is a huge issue.  If the security of you personal information was compromised, you’d probably want to know about it immediately right? Equifax is a consumer credit reporting agency and is considered to be one of the top 3 reporting agency’s in the United States.  They house the personal information of...