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14 Dec

What Will It Take for You to Regain Your Life, Liberty, and Personal Fulfillment? Episode – 219

Description: This week, Patrick finds himself in the process of writing the introduction to his soon-to-be-released book. And in today’s episode, he shares the framework he believes will allow for a truly free and fulfilling life. The narrative is based on how the U.S. educational and retirement systems are modeled after Prussian ideologies and the indentured servitude of people in...

07 Dec

Strange Money Episode – 39 Real Estate Investor Brad Sumrok Joins Nick and Will!

***PARENTS! DON’T LET YOUR CHILDREN LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE! IT’S A CHRISTMAS SECRET*** On this episode of Strange Money, Nick and Will talk with National Award-Winning Apartment Investor & National Real Estate Mentor Brad Sumrok! After 2 college degrees and 17 years in corporate America, Brad retired in 2005 from his six-figure job after just 3 years of investing in apartments. Based...

06 Dec

Why Single ­Family Residences? Why Texas? And, Why Now?

John Larson, Managing Director of American Real Estate Investments (AREIUSA) joins the show today! John answers some simple questions about how investing in single-family homes in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market is a solid investment, which parameters his organization uses to find worthy properties. Throughout the show, he details what goes on behind-the-scenes when prepping a property for investors. Also, he...

30 Nov

Strange Money Episode – 38 Assisted Living As An Investment

Nick and Will are back from Arizona after speaking at the Residential Assisted Living National Convention! With an influx of baby boomers retiring in the tens of thousands per day, Nick and Will talk about the massive benefits of investing in your own assisted living facility. Since the idea is very fragmented the guys show you the beginning stages and...

29 Nov

The Trump Era Tax Plan’s Winners and Losers Episode – 217

Confused by the tax bills introduced by the Senate and the House? Are you wondering who the real winners and losers are? Today’s guest, Tom Wheelwright, unpacks the tax bills and shares the important parts in easily digestible pieces. Tom is the tax advisor for the Rich Dad series, the author of the must-read, Tax-Free Wealthand contributor to the new books, Why...

21 Nov

Digital Liberals Made 2016 the Year of Trump: A Look Into Naresh Vissa’s “Trumpbook”

Did you know Donald Trump ran for president in 2000? No? Well, no one else did either. The reason he didn’t win may be because no one paid attention to him. Today’s guest, Naresh Vissa has a new book which is raising eyebrows and getting people fired up. “Trumpbook: How Digital Liberals Silenced a Nation Into Making America Hate Again” describes how Trump detractors may have gotten him elected. During the conversation, Naresh shares how he came to write the book, how Trump used Marketing 101 to get people’s attention and the backlash he endures even though his book isn’t even out yet. Key Takeaways: [4:32] So, why a book about Trump? [10:41] In 2000 when Trump ran for president, he used high­level data analysis to find trigger words. [14:10] The four dedications in Trumpbook [21:58] Trump mastered newsjacking to sell his ideas. [27:50] Naresh is using grassroots efforts to market Trumpbook Mentioned in This Episode: Naresh Vissa TrumpbookHow Digital Liberals Silenced a Nation intoMaking America Hate Again Wealth Standard — Free Webinar & Article Series Meet the Masters of Income Property Event with KeynoteSpeaker Ron Paul Tune in to our weekly shows on YouTube and Tunein!  We also love to receive...

20 Nov

Strange Money Episode – 37 Have a Stress Free Holiday Season!

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR! On this episode of Strange Money, Nick and Will talk about why Americans are so stressed during the holidays! A recent study says %43 of adults are so financially stressed they can’t enjoy the celebrations. Nick and Will go through multiple solutions on how to stay prepared, happy and stress-free for this Holiday season! Do you...

13 Nov

Strange Money Episode – 36 Tax Reform and 401K’s

On this episode of Strange Money Nick and Will talk about Donald Trump’s new tax reform proposal and its impact on 401k’s. The speculation is, 54 million Americans could be limited on the amount they can contribute to a 401k. Nick and Will discuss why that could actually be a good thing! They show you how to use the Wealth...

13 Nov

Can the World Economy Be Saved by Decentralizing Banks and Eliminating Industry Cartels? Episode – 215

Charles Hugh Smith is the guest on today’s podcast. Charles is the author of the alternative financial news blog,Of Two Minds, and an independent writer of 15 fiction and nonfiction books. He is a contributor to and his articles are republished by well-known media outlets. Charles subscribes to the Austrian School of Economics. While you may not agree with all...

06 Nov

The Importance of Attending Events & Conferences: Jason Hartman’s Meet the Masters of Income. Episode – 214

With over 4,000 podcast episodes under his belt, Jason ‘The Creator of Wealth’ Hartman is back on the program with some practical, no-nonsense investment advice. Jason’s upcoming Meet the Masters of Income Property event, scheduled for January 2018, is a gathering of people who, like you, have the will and determination to be successful in 2018. The event offers the...