Acting Rationally in an Irrational World: Trump’s Brilliant Strategy – Episode 143

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What’s does it mean to “Be rational, while thinking irrationally, in an irrational world”? Join Patrick Donohoe, Will Street, and Eric Patterson and on the 143rd episode of The Wealth Standard radio as they talk about some of the crazy, irrational things that are happening in current events and how we can still make rational decisions in an irrational world.

The perfect example of acting rationally in an irrational world is Trump. Donald Trump dominates the republican polls and nomination – is his success really just a fluke? Or is it a carefully honed, brilliant strategy that perfectly plays off people’s irrational thinking in an irrational world?

What can we do when we’re living in an irrational world? Finally, Patrick talks about how we can prepare ourselves for the irrationality of others. The sobering events in Belgium remind us of the importance of hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst – a concept that can apply to us financially as well as personally.

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