ANNOUNCEMENT: Don’t Miss This VIrtual Business Conference

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Every aspect of our world seems to be going completely virtual, and the business world is not about to be left behind. This episode of Paradigm Life is discussing an exciting new experience for those who want to attend business conferences, but don’t have the time or resources to travel to them. The conference will be covering various different topics presented by thirty different speakers. They will be discussing online chances for business growth and other out of the box opportunities to increase success. This podcast also discusses the beginning phases of Paradigm Life and the different ways life can lead people to their particular paths. We encourage you to attend their conference and receive the benefits that come with it.


0:00 – Into
0:14 – Welcome
1:13 – Announcement of Virtual Financial Conference
3:14 – Value of conferences
5:30 – Structure/Idea of the conference
7:45 – Those involved in putting the conference on
9:00 – Andy Tanner involvement
10:20 – Theme: Cashflow
12:00 – Business online speakers
12:16 – The podcast experience
15:20 – Real Estate conference speakers
18:11 – How to invest out of state speakers
19:06 – Asset protection speakers
20:00 – It’s free
23:00 – This group shares similar values and philosophies.
24:00 – Create value for people with your business.
28:00 – You can interact and chat with others participating in the conference.
31:21 – Nonconformity of the stereotypical financial plan.
35:33 – They understand both sides at an expert level.
37:33 – 30 different speakers will be participating at the conference.
38:13 – The discovery of what Paradigm Life does
44:00 – Change is made by doing something that is not normal
45:15 – Go online and register
48:20 – Summary and wrap up


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