Banking Collapse? – Is It Time To Double Down On Gold? – Episode 169

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This week Patrick Donohoe talks with Minesh Bhindi from They talk about the future of Gold values and how to use gold as an investor. Gold and the Federal Reserve are synonymous and the American people may wake up one day soon to the value of gold at $5,000 or $7,000 an ounce helping the US write off it’s bad debt. This is an intriguing episode if you’re concerned about the financial future with precious metals.

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Show Notes

0:00 Introduction with guest Minesh Bhindi

2:35 Minesh shares who and what inspires him in business

3:56 What initially got Minesh interested in gold and silver

5:11 Getting educated about gold and silver

6:20 The traditional approach of buying bricks and coins is boring and not the smartest approach

7:30 Rich Dad’s Gold

10:15 Applying option strategies to gold and silver investing

11:30 His approach is to acquire ETFs in a two step strategy

14:15 Which ETFs to choose?

15:50 How the future markets are manipulated

18:20 Price fixing in the marketplace

20:11 Where will gold and silver land in the long term?

21:48 We’re not going to have to use gold bricks, bars, and coins for groceries

22:00 We’re going to wake up one day and the Federal Reserve will revalue gold to $5,000 or $7,000 an ounce

22:24 Moving to a gold back currency is going to be calm, but will be a shock of their life with the value of money being destroyed overnight

23:08 No country that’s based on this system can generate enough revenue to pay for their liabilities

25:15 How can they revalue gold?

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