President Obama’s Forum; Financial Dismay

President Obama’s “Virtual Forum” and the financial dismay our country is in.

Patrick Donohoe discusses the aray of questions asked of President Obama in a unique online setting. Most questions were to see what his efforts were to fix certain inbalances in our Country. Among these imbalances were qualified plans, college education funding, healthcare and the list goes on.


Taxes, Inflation, and the Most recent Money Myths

Patrick Donohoe and guest Andy Safa talk about the implication of certain monetary policy and the affects it will have on future taxes and value of money.

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The NUTS and BOLTS of a Private Retirement Plan

Patrick Donohoe discusses the characteristics of High Cash Value Life Insurance and why banks utilize the cash value and how regular individuals can do the same.

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The Economics of Medicare and Social Security

Patrick Donohoe discusses the tenets of Social Security and Medicare and the disaster they could cause in the coming years. However, there is a solution. Email us at info@paradigmlife.net or give us a call at 800-870-8905 for a free article and also the video of our most recent WEBINAR entitled ” A Safe Port in the Financial Storm”