Chunga and the Creature from Jekyll Island – Episode 175

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Your host Patrick Donohoe sits down with co-host Chunga and share a first hand account of what happens at Jekyll Island and the warning signs we should watch out for with the upcoming Trump policies. Together they talk about the Federal Reserve and what we might expect from Janet Yellen’s announcements.

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Show Notes

00:00 Introduction
00:50 Update on what’s going to happen with Janet Yellen and the federal banks and much more
01:49 Trump has already made sweeping changes – what else should we expect?
03:36 Is consumer confidence on a long term high or is this a temporary spike?
05:00 Why the fed makes a larger impact than the President
07:03 The Creature from Jekyll Island
10:20 How the Federal Reserve controls the supply of money in the entire world
11:15 How the Federal Reserve creates assets
15:51 Patrick describes how prime works
17:45 Alternative wealth building strategies
19:14 Homeownership is at a 50 year low and how it will affect the marketplace
21:14 The effects of Trump policies with our country debt and current structure
28:23 Warning signs to watch for with Trump policy finances
35:55 The new school thought of business creation vs old school inflation
41:43 Learn more about the Fed at Mises Institute and FEE

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