End Capitalism? The Importance of a Capitalist System – Episode 144

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144_imageEnd capitalism? What do those two words make you think of? Inspired by the giant sign to the left that Patrick Donohoe, our host, saw in someone’s yard, today’s podcast episode is about the value, and real meaning, of capitalism.

Language and words are incredibly important, especially when it comes to something as critical as economics. A lot of people use “capitalism” as a synonym for greed or corporate abuse. However, the real meaning of capitalism is closely tied to our first amendment rights. The first amendment guarantees us the right to speak our minds, and capitalism gives us the right to act on them.

Capitalism also drives us all to be better. Patrick talks about how those who are constantly seeking to improve themselves and their circumstances can easily understand capitalism, it’s value and it’s benefits because capitalism is the system that motivates us that most to do our best.

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