Financial Planning for Now and Later – Episode 155

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What do jelly beans have to do with your life? Today on our host Patrick Donohoe and guest Jeff Jaramillo sit down to talk about financial planning that actually matches our lifestyles and desires. They discuss the jelly bean video, where the author of the video breaks our life down into jelly beans (each jelly bean is a day) and shows us, on average, how many days we spend working, how many we spend sleeping, on vacation, taking a shower, etc. – and how few of those jelly beans that are really left for anything else.

They talk about the importance of financial planning that allows us to have time for family, for traveling, for actually living life the way that we want to live. The dichotomy most people live is being scared of spending the money they have now for fear of not having enough money in the future. Unfortunately, we don’t even know what our futures will be like or if we’ll even have one. Patrick and Jeff discuss the importance of putting our money in places where we can access and use it to allow you to have the experiences you want now – while still putting it in places where it can grow for the future.

Finally Jeff talks about his experience as a typical financial advisor and how he got pushed out of the industry after finding more effective, alternative financial arrangements. He discusses the freedom of never having to tell clients that their money has been lost. They discuss the flaws with traditional financial planning and the importance of planning for life now as well as later, without relying on the volatility of the stock market.

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