Gratitude and Money – Thanksgiving Episode 174

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There’s no better time than now to follow the principle of wealth of using yourself to create value for somebody else. With the shakeup of the elections and the disruptions in the economy we are blessed with the opportunity to get outside our comfort zones and grow, forgive and lead with gratitude. Thanks for listening to the show and have a great Thanksgiving.

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Show Notes

00:00 Introduction
01:07 Watch the show on our YouTube channel
03:32 How gratitude applies to money
07:49 Why it’s critical to have the people in your business and life
13:22 The Principle of Wealth – Using yourself to create value for somebody else
15:30 The role of empathy as a leader and clear communicator
18:02 What people really want!
20:08 Learning comes from disruption and being uncomfortable
25:24 The exercise of taking a snapshot of progress
29:54 Making course corrections to increase gratitude
32:46 No growth happens inside the comfort zone
34:02 What to do in this major disruption
40:50 Overcoming the ego and helping others
43:41 Steve Jobs story about friction creating opportunity
47:53 The solution is typically the opposite of what you would think

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