How Does the Current Tax Structure Affect Your Investments?

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Chris Anderson of Soulence Tax and Accounting and Patrick Donohoe discuss many of the issues business owners, real estate investors, and Americans face with the current tax structure.  With the current tax environment it is vitally important to stay up-to-date on how the tax code will change to your benefit or detriment.  Chris and Patrick also discuss how Infinite Banking can offer vital tax benefits to those who structure and utilize the Infinite Banking Concept properly; this includes everyone from business owners and real estate investors to the average American.

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Don’t let your future tax situation surprise you.  Learn from tax expert Chris Anderson from Soulence Tax and Accounting (  Chris also offers a CD program called Tax Secrets Revealed: A guide to saving thousands on taxes ( which covers topics such as:  allowable deductions, little known tax deductions and how to avoid paying excess tax.

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