How Not to be Fleeced on Your Automobile Loan- Episode 160

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Almost everyone needs to own or lease a car at some point of their life, but the sad truth is that the average individual loses $10,000 per car. How can you make sure that you buy or lease the right car for you, with the right financing to back it? Today our host Patrick Donohoe and guest Will Street sit down to talk about the economics of automobile loans, what’s going on in that industry today, and how to protect yourself from losing money or being suckered when financing a car.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:15 Introducing Will of the Streets (Will Street)

02:20 Investment, The Big Short, & The Subprime Loan Industry

07:54 A Closer Look at the Mortgage Industry

09:53 The Potential for Mortgage Defaults

11:55 The Bubble in Student Loans & Automobile Loans

19:05 What to Do About This: Looking for CDO or ABA Defaults

26:06 What Happened in 2012?

29:08 What is Your Due Diligence Process

41:23 Looking at Three Different Ways to Buy a Car

42:02 How You Are Treated When You Show Up to the Dealership

45:37 Outro

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