How To Use Life Insurance to Buy Real Estate – Episode 171

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Guest hosts Ryan Lee and Brad Gibb share their Cashflow Wealth Summit presentation about real estate investing and how you can use cash value life insurance as the vehicle to give yourself a greater return, more control and less risk.

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Show Notes

00:00 Introduction

00:35 Today’s topic: Real Estate Investing

01:52 Ryan Lee and Brad Gibb talk about real estate investing

03:55 Tactics vs Strategies

07:27 What’s the ultimate goal of real estate investing?

11:11 Creating your risk and return plan

12:44 Strategy with your equity position

14:37 Leverage: Compressing time frames of ROI

17:48 How cash value life insurance helps with real estate investments

18:45 Getting a guaranteed rate of return

19:06 Creating safety for your investments

24:07 Why real estate investors value liquidity more than almost anything else

25:35 Should you put your money in the bank, under the mattress, or in a wealth vehicle?

26:21 How to use taxes and deductions to your advantage

28:44 Acting like a bank with your life insurance policy

34:16 Velocity: Getting money to work for you

40:21 Get the details of how this system work at Infinite 101

41:50 Should you use your IRA money for real estate investing?

46:21 Get control out of the government’s hands with increasing taxes

50:44 How to decrease investment timeframes and gain control

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