Introducing A Course Survey That Will Take Your Life To The Next Level


While our experiences can be varied, there are still some common threads that bind us to reach our financial goals. In this unique episode, Patrick Donohoe works to tie those and create a course that will allow you to take your life—financial, professional, and investments—to the next level. Asking for your help, he shares a survey that will guide him to feel the listeners’ pulse as they try to create wealth and, in turn, offer the best course that can take you there. Join Patrick in today’s show as he breaks down the questions that need your answers and will help you breakthrough to the next level and beyond.

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Introducing A Course Survey That Will Take Your Life To The Next Level

I have an episode that’s different than the past. It might be shorter, but who knows? It can go long. I have no idea yet, but I have prepared some thoughts around some help that I’m going to request from you. This year has been monumental for everyone, including myself. It’s allowed me to introspect a lot more. I’ve shared quite a bit of that on the show. I like to take it to another level. I brought on another person to my marketing team and him and I had made a goal to create a specific course for the show’s audience before the end of 2020. If you are reading this down the road, this is October 2020. I’ve given you a lot of material whether it’s the book or whether it’s courses I’ve done with my company Paradigm Life, but this one is going to be specific to the show.

What I want to do is derive the common things that hold people back and create some curriculum, some education, as well as exercises that allow you as readers to take your life, your financial life, your professional life, your investments to the next level. That sounds somewhat cliché. At the same time, there are those fundamental principles that pertain to unique, personal situations. All of us have a different perspective of the world. There are some things we have in common. At the same time, we all have different experiences that have formed. Our paradigm formed our perspective. Those are all unique at the same time because we’re human. We have some things in common. I believe that there are some end results, some achievements in life that everybody wants. I believe that there are some fundamental principles regardless of the uniqueness of our situation, that if we understood them and if we applied them, we’ll be able to break through to the next level and then the level beyond.

Instead of talking about it on the show, because I know information and ideas have some value. As a business owner, entrepreneur and observer of our modern reality, I realized that ideas are abundant, but what’s scarce is execution. It’s the ability to act and create a new reality based on the ideas that we have. I’d like to first walk you through in this episode the survey I’d like you to fill out. It’s short. There are half a dozen questions or so as well as a statement that you can make. I believe that about 20 would be a good sample size, maybe 30, but for the first 10, I’m going to give you a signed copy of the book and also free access to the course once it’s available.

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For the second ten, I’m going to send you a free copy of the paperback. I’m going to walk you through that survey and give you something in exchange. I think this is going to be a great starting place because this specific course, I have tons of ideas around it. At the same time, I want to order it in the right way. I want to make it actionable so it’s not information that you absorb and then try to figure out what to do with it. It’s information you absorb and then are able to do something with it. This isn’t a course that’s available now. It’s going to be available at the end of 2020, but I’m going to start into it.

Let me give you some context as to some of the questions I’m going to ask. The content of the solo shows I’ve done have revolved around disruption, a major disruption in some cases, to all of our lives. I believe disruption is interesting because the scale or the magnitude of that disruption is what I believe impacted people. At the same time, we’re disrupted by things every day. I believe that life and the unique path that we have in our living is going to face specific disruptive events. As I’ve quoted the famous quote from Victor Frankel, “Between stimulus and response, there is a space and in that space lies your freedom,” and it’s the response to the things that happened to us.

It’s the ability for us to stray away from being convinced that the outside circumstances have to align in order for us to be happy. Whether it’s a specific person in a political office, a boss treating you the right way, the partner that you have or the employees that you have. When we start to condition, happiness, success and our achievement around the outside world conforming to our wishes, that’s when things go sideways. At the same time, that’s what we all do. I would say that the course, what it’s going to do is it’s going to help you understand what you want. It’s going to help you define these end results and the purpose behind them. That starts to help you align with the actual financial behavior that you have whether it’s how you spend money, how you save money, what are some of the obstacles you have and the actions you have to take.

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Next Level: The meaning that we’ve created around our experiences in life has woven together in the way we perceive things.


However, those actions without the right mindset are going to be fleeting, temporary. Ultimately, you’re going to end up most likely right back where you started, maybe even worse. Let me get into it. I’m going to start with the first question. I’m going to maybe summarize what I’ve already stated. We have these experiences of life and the meaning that we’ve created around those experiences and all of that has woven together in the way in which we perceive things. The way in which we perceive things is mostly subconscious and little is conscious. We have this operating system that gets up every single day and does the same things. We’re in these patterns, even though the day is brand new and the experiences, in a sense, are brand new yet our operating system is the exact same.

We’re going to respond in a similar way, which creates a deeper pattern and then I would say it makes it more difficult to transition out of that into something that can potentially give us what we want. Let me get into the first question. I’ve ordered these strategically and it’s not a perfect order, but I asked the questions and I ordered them specifically for a reason. Here’s the first question. If you could get the world’s foremost expert on any topic for a day, who would be the expert? What would the topic be? Why? I think this is profound because number one, I believe that the answer shows some of the values that you have come to understand over the course of time in your life. You associate those values with somebody. Somebody who demonstrates them in reality. You’re able to identify that, but then also extract some of the potential characteristics and values out of this person that aligned with you and then start to discover why.

The second question. What thoughts about money occupy your mind the most during the day? What do you find yourself thinking about the most? It’s a redundant second part. At the same time, what this does is it allows you to understand the focus of where your attention is. The 10,000-year-old part of our DNA is looking for what’s wrong. It’s looking for danger. It’s looking to protect us. I look at all of us having the tendency to gravitate toward these protectionist type of feelings. At the same time, if we don’t become aware of them and then also know how to process, understand and subsequently respond to them, then we are essentially allowing these patterns we’ve developed over the course of time to run our programs. It could be a virus. It could be some malware or some spyware. It’s essentially infiltrated itself into your operating system and essentially stimulating a process that you don’t necessarily want. This is a question I believe is going to be introspective into what you think about and how that pattern is either helping you move forward or holding you back and preventing you from achieving what you want.

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The next question is in a brief summary, tell me about a financial struggle you are facing and what you associate as the reasons for that challenge? I think this is an interesting question because struggles are going to be something we all are going to face for the rest of our life. I believe struggles and adversity, if you contextualize them in a certain way, are the grounds for growth. As we look at them as something that’s holding us back or looking at them as something that is challenging us to face that challenge, push through and grow from it, we’re going to have different outcomes. Sometimes I believe struggle without the right focus can be those preventative things that we believe can’t be conquered.

At the same time. If you look at the miracle we have with communication, with information whether it’s books, courses or videos, most of the world’s challenges from an external standpoint, even from an internal standpoint, from a psychological spiritual standpoint have been overcome. As you start to connect your struggles, what you’re going through, challenges, what you define as in your way, that’s when you can look to those that have overcome challenges. Those that have pushed through and then start to connect what needs to be a belief system inside of you that allows you to be in the right mindset to overcome whatever the challenge is in front of you.

Seriously, it’s any challenge. If you don’t make enough money, if you’ve lost in investments, if you feel guilty about something, if you’ve made a mistake, if you’ve hurt somebody, if you’ve been raised a certain way where you believe that you can’t make more than this or else you’re greedy or unworthy. There are other people that are suffering in the world and who are you to want to achieve great things and leave these other people in the dirt. There are weird stories that we have in the background, in our subconscious, are there. I believe that as you address those, as you become aware of those, you can understand yourself better but also start to take the steps to overcome those challenges.

Struggle without the right focus can be those preventative things that we believe can't be conquered. Click To Tweet

The next one, and this is the second to last one, what is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of living life at the next level? It’s similar to the previous one. At the same time, it’s not necessarily a financial struggle. It’s a challenge or an obstacle in general. The final one, if I were to build a course for you on the topic of financial independence, what specific subjects would you like me to focus the content on most? As you’ve gone through these other questions, it’ll help me see what amount of content is best to spend on the psychological side of things, the ability to understand what you truly want first to be in the state of mind to have the right paradigm or perspective. Subsequently, how much time and attention and content to spend on actual strategies, the tactics and the accountability associated with that.

I know this is definitely a different episode, but I would love your help. I would love to know especially for those that have read the episodes, what’s going through your mind? What are you struggling with most? What is occupying the space between your ears? What would you like to see in a specific course that will allow you to better understand this material, but also to implement it in a way that is unique to your life? I’m excited. I’ve already outlined quite a bit of the course. This is essentially a survey that’s going to help me refine the order. It’s going to refine some of the initial content and believe me, there’s going to be more that we add to this over the course of time as we iterate based on the results we see you get.

I’m excited about it, so is the marketing team that I have. I can’t wait to start to work on it. It’s 90 days or so before the end of 2020. I want to get moving on it. I’m excited for you to help participate. That’s it for this. It’s a short episode. Thank you for sticking with me. For those that fill out this survey, the first ten, I’m going to send you a signed hardcover copy of the book as well as access to the initial course for free. For the second ten, I’m going to give you a paperback version of the book. Go ahead and access the Google Forms survey and I can’t wait to get your responses. We’ll talk to you again next time. Take care.

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