Investing In Assisted Living – Episode 152

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The baby boomer generation is getting older, and right now, so are therir parents. Many baby boomers now are facing the challenge of trying to figure out how to help and care for their parents as they age and become increasingly less able to take care of themselves while living much longer than the previous generation. Many of baby boomers are realizing that their parents need constant attention and monitoring that they are simply unable to provide. Many of people turn to residential assisted living in order to provide their aging parents with support they need.

Fortunately, every problem represents an opportunity. Today we welcome Gene Guarino, CEO of Residential Assisted Living Academy and one of the upcoming speakers for the Cash Flow Wealth Summit! Gene Guarino sits down with Patrick to explain the real estate opportunity that residential assisted living facilities represent.

Gene talks about how his struggles to care for and find an appropriate home for his own parents spurred him to want to provide similar solutions and care for others, who may be struggling to find a high quality assisted living residence for their parents and also balance a checkbook. Gene explains how baby boomers can increase their cash flow with residential assisted living while also providing a home for their parents! Tune in to find out more about his incredible solutions, real estate expertise, and business genius.

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