Investing In Tiny Homes – Episode 172

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In today’s episode we feature a recording about Tiny Homes from The Cash Flow Wealth Summit. You’ll hear about this new phenomenon in the real estate world and get some perspective on how to turn this into a financial win.

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Show Notes


00:00 Introduction
00:23 Cash Flow Wealth Summit recording about tiny homes
01:35 Overview and background of Upper Valley Tiny Homes
04:03 Tiny homes are affordable, effective and simple to live in
06:55 How a tiny home can make you money
10:45 Renting out tiny homes on recreational property
21:04 How to flip tiny homes
30:24 Investors are predicting tiny homes to experience massive growth
34:59 You can design your own tiny home to personalize it exactly how you want
36:32 People are buying tiny homes for friends and family
39:07 How long is the tiny home phase going to last?
40:00 Getting financing with a tiny home

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