Investing Institutionally for Free – Episode 151

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How would you like to be able to invest institutionally for free? Today Patrick Donohoe and guest Christian Allen talk about the somewhat complex topic of investing institutionally for free. First of all, Patrick and Christian discuss the importance of being able to look at the world with a positive spin and “look at how much is working”. They talk about the complex webs that surround us and enables us to function, and the importance of avoiding our natural tendency to be afraid and ‘doomsday thinking’. Once we can overcome our fears, we can start to prepare for success and take appropriate and well thought through risks.

They also discuss the importance of education, and finding solutions, not products. They talk about the importance of asking yourself questions – why I am doing this, what do I want out of this? Patrick talks about the moral obligation he feels he has to over-educate when it comes to sales.

Patrick and Christian then discuss the difference between whole life insurance and stock companies. Whole life insurance companies are beholden to stockholders, and stock companies are beholden to policyholders. They discuss how whole life insurance companies are able to make long term plans that pay off as far as fifty years into the future, while in contrast stock companies are forced to make decisions that make them look good quarter to quarter. Finally, they discuss the importance of preparing yourself to take advantage of the opportunities that inevitably will come when disruption occurs.

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