Paradigm Shifts with Paradigm Life – Episode 156

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Today on the Wealth Standard Radio, our host, Patrick Donohoe interviews published author and experienced IT specialist Scotty Studer. Scotty shares his journey from “humming along” as he describes it to taking control of his finances and health through a series of paradigm shifts.

Scotty talks about his health journey, and how an upcoming cruise with his wife to celebrate a fifteen year anniversary made him realize that he had let things go. He describes the difficulties he had finding a plan that worked for him and his eventual success with health and his wieght.

Patrick and Scotty then move on to talk about finances, and how Scotty came to a paradigm shift regarding his finances and was inspired to seek out alternative ways to take control of his financial health. They talk about the solutions he found and his desire to share them with others in his book, Small Changes, Big Results: 26 simple changes to improve your faith, finances, health, and relationships.

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