Pay-to-Play in Politics and Business – Are We DOOMED? – Episode 170

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Bribery and politics are in bed together in our business world. Is there a way to fix it or are we doomed? Today’s episode host Patrick Donohoe and guest host Chunga sit down and talk about corruption in politics and how to protect your money in this volatile marketplace. They cover the mortgage bailout and potential student loan bailouts. This is an economic lesson you’ll want to listen to over-and-over.

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Show Notes

00:00 Introduction

01:52 Real Estate Investing Virtual Summit next week. Get access at

04:58 How to not get ripped off when buying a car – new ebook

07:26 Today’s topic is legal bribery – is it good or bad?

08:57 Is pay-to-play capitalism?

10:23 The doctrine of “fairness”

11:46 Is Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play history unethical or immoral?

13:42 Theft is still theft… when are they crossing the unethical line?

15:34 With legislation, if you’re going to make rules for one, make rules for all

16:55 The role of the SEC in politics and business

18:46 How Patrick minimizes his risk and manages a positive reputation for his company

21:20 Watch the warning signs of collapsing and corrupt markets

23:59 When is pay-to-play a good thing?

24:47 How do you get in trouble in the business world with pay-to-play thinking?

27:41 Learn how to adapt to the marketplace and new economy

28:29 Is there another bubble ready to burst?

31:31 Student loan bailout coming soon?

35:00 Can Trump fix the broken political system?

37:30 Why the government needs to be smaller

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