Retirement Strategies with Todd Tresidder – Episode 176

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In this episode your host Patrick Donohoe talks with Todd Tresidder at Todd shares passive investing retirement strategies to prepare for the fear of the unknown.

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Show Notes

00:00 Introduction
01:15 Todd Tresidder sharing his background
03:19 Transitioning from hedge fund to the information space
06:16 The objective of Financial Mentor
11:27 How technology is disrupting the marketplace
17:13 Why the bailout created more risk
18:53 There’s investing and then there’s wealth building. Investing always has risks and some are known and some unknown.
21:00 Todd explains the 4 aspects to investing
23:44 Talking about passive investing and retirement
27:50 Retirement and meaningful work during retirement
30:35 Preparing for the fear of the unknown
32:53 Cal Newport’s podcast interview about the Myth of following your Passion
35:00 How you can create the life you really want
37:30 It’s not about the amount of resources that exist but our ability to be resourceful

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