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Patrick & Andy Tanner Talk About “The Road To Ruin” Episode – 193

Patrick welcomes his old friend & Rich Dad Advisor, Andy Tanner back to The Wealth Standard Podcast!

Andy says “It’s a fantastic time in out history to be an investor & entreprenuer”; that said, it’s an even better time to be a student.  As a Rich Dad Advisor, he says he’s much more of a student than a teacher.  In fact, he (along with his fellow advisors) spend the bulk of their time when they’re together studying rather than teaching.

It’s this intense level of study that led Andy to the book “The Road To Ruin” by former C.I.A. Agent, Jim Rickards.  Both Patrick & Andy discuss the powerful message in this book.  Rickards says the signs of a global financial meltdown are unmistakable.  He shows through meticulous research, that governments around the world have no compunction about conspiring against their citizens.

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Mastering the Business of You, Insights Gleaned from Tony Robbins – Episode 134

In this special edition of The Wealth Standard Radio show, Patrick Donohoe and Wealth Strategist, John Stewart share their insights from the Business Mastery conference with Tony Robbins. They will discuss how to view and grow yourself as a business – both personally and professionally and interview a special mystery guest. So join in, they are amped up and ready to share some of the amazing things they have learned.

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Another look at The Big Short & China with Rich Dad Advisor Andy Tanner – Episode 133

In this episode of the Wealth Standard, Patrick Donohoe and Andy Tanner sit down to discuss the movie “The Big Short” and how it relates to real life. Patrick and Andy discuss what “shorting” is and how it affects the market. They than relate the current events that have conspired in China and their culture. They discuss the traditions of culture and skepticism that the newer generation is having and how they are finding untraditional ways to access knowledge. They sum up the lessons that they learned from “The Big Short” and how the culture we know now is changing and will continue to change.

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The Truth About Your Retirement

Patrick Donohoe is joined by Andy Tanner, a Rich Dad advisor, to discuss investing and market fluctuations. Andy Tanner is a successful author, investor, and financial advisor. In 2012, Andy wrote a book called “401(k)aos,” in this book he educates individuals on how their dream of a happy retirement could be at risk (for more information and reviews visit his site).

Tune in to this discussion to learn more about retirement planning, mutual funds, and the risk of 401(k)s. How can you be safe in a market that is going up, down, and sideways? How can you prepare for that dream retirement? What alternatives are there to 401(k)s and similar accounts? Patrick and Andy will answer these questions and many more in this episode of Infinite Banking Radio.

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Ken McElroy on Entrepreneurship

Special guest Ken McElory joins Patrick Donohoe to discuss real estate, entrepreneurship and being a Rich Dad Advisor with Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad organization.


Ken McElroy, Principal MC Companies

Ken McElroy, Principal and Co-Partner ofMC Companies, has over 20 years of senior level experience in multifamily asset/property management, development, project/construction management, investment analysis, acquisitions and dispositions, business development and client relations. Having purchased over $300 million in real estate in the past two years, Ken offers a unique perspective into property management and entrepreneurship.

Ken is also is the best-selling author of “The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing”, “The Advanced Guide to Real Estate”, “The ABC’s of Property Management” and his latest book “The Sleeping Giant” which helps inspire people to believe that they can be part of solving the world’s economic problems by creating business.  “The Sleeping Giant” brings together twenty self-employed entrepreneurs who share their powerful and inspiring stories of how they found success through self-employment. This spring Ken will continue his role as Real Estate Guys Radio Investors SummitFaculty member for the Investors Summit at Sea in which Patrick Donohoe will also be a faculity member for the 2nd year.

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