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Planting And Nurturing The Seed For Entrepreneurial Success

TWS 30 | Entrepreneurial Success


Cultivating your business can be well compared to the process on how we cultivate and grow plants. In this 30th episode, Patrick Donohoe unloads the experiences and lessons he has learned this year. Reviewing some concepts, he talks about entrepreneurship and success and teaches on how we can rewrite the rules of failure, rewire our conditioning, and live successfully. Sit back and tune in to this episode to learn how you can plant and nurture new seeds, and start seeing things transpire.

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Planting And Nurturing The Seed For Entrepreneurial Success

I’m solo and I have a lot to cover. I’m excited to share a few things with you. This is the episode after Thanksgiving. I hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving and were able to celebrate the amazing things that we all have around us. I’ve come to love this year, which is trading expectations for appreciation. I’m going to get into a lot of that. I hope you guys had a great break and it’s hard to believe that we’re coming to the end of the year and the end of the season on entrepreneurship. I’ve had a good time and I want to unload on everyone, the experiences I’ve had this year that have revolved around this topic. We still have a few more guests left. It’s not going to be the last episode. I’ll probably do a conclusion to the season, but I have a few more guests.

My good friend, Craig Ballantyne, is the author of The Perfect Day Formula. For those of you who have read my book, I talk about the story behind how the book came to light and Craig’s couple day workshop was instrumental in initiating those thoughts, feelings, drive and motivation to the book. Also, we have the CEO of a local company. One of my guys, Ben Curtis, an amazing friend and one of the executives here at Paradigm. He knows everybody it seems like. We both have about a year ago bought this backpack from Nomatic and I’ve seen them everywhere and I got to travel a lot this year. There are a lot of people, even internationally, they have Nomatic backpacks. The CEO and the founder are going to join us. We have him on here and then a few more guests.

We have more than the actual weeks are. We’re going to probably do a couple in a week. Anyway, I hope you guys have enjoyed it. The purpose of doing this is as much to benefit me as it is to benefit you because I’m on this journey as well and I know you tuning in and the feedback that we get around the notion of entrepreneur, it doesn’t relate to those that are already entrepreneurs. There’s an entrepreneur bug in everyone. There’s this I would say seed in us that we can nourish and nurture and then once it becomes a plant, we can prune it and ultimately get fruit from it. It’s one of those things where it’s not this overnight thing. There’s some entrepreneurial perspective out there that you get these insanely successful results.

The fruit, without ever having to plant a seed and multiple seeds and nourish the soil, make sure it’s in the right soil and prune, fertilize and weed and there’s a whole process to it. It’s a never-ending process, the whole idea of infinite game. It’s this never-ending process of improving ourselves, expanding, providing more value to others. I’ve had a great time and I want to talk about some of the things that have been going on with me, some of the experiences I’ve had, my breakthroughs. Before I do that, I’m going to introduce the next season for The Wealth Standard podcast and we have a lot of stuff that we could talk about and I felt appropriate to talk more practical things.

We’ve spent essentially two years being very philosophical. 2018 is with the year that my book came out and we got into the notion of life that you are your best asset. We got into liberty, the pursuit of independence, the pursuit of freedom and then property coming from John Locke’s writings and his philosophy back in the late 1700s. We get into this year and we talk about capitalism. Capitalism is very philosophical and then we’re into entrepreneurship, which is also an idea. For 2020, we’re going to kick off the first season talking about investments and wealth strategy. It’s going to be different. I don’t do anything mainstream. Mainstream is boring and mainstream never works either, especially in the long run. My take on it is going to be atypical investments, atypical wealth strategy.

I have an incredible opportunity to network and rub shoulders with so many amazing people and I run across all different types of investments that are fascinating. It’s amazing what people come up with as far as value propositions and how they monetize that, how they raise capital, how they trade investments, do they get others to invest. We’re going to definitely have several months of talking about different investments, alternative investments, atypical investments as well as wealth strategy. I want to weave in the ideas that we’ve been talking about the last couple of years around entrepreneurship pursuing financial independence, what that means and how does investment relate to you as an individual, your business, how you produce and how you generate revenue.

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I know that the success will come from them being hand-in-hand as opposed to contrary. There has to be this balance between the two. In the end, if a person has tons of money and they have tons of investments and they’re earning income every single month without the ability to produce value to somebody else, to provide, to contribute, to give back, to grow who you are and be more valuable to other people, that’s when life is sad for most. There’s that saying that Tony Robbins uses which is, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” I believe that fulfillment comes from understanding who we are and being of benefit to somebody else regardless of how financially free we are with investments in wealth. They go hand-in-hand. That’s one of the reasons why I wrote the book because I saw evidence of that all over the place. I hope you guys have had a chance to read it. If you haven’t, go to or you can also go to the podcast website, which is There are links on there to purchase it.

We’re going to get a lot into investment strategy, wealth strategy and atypical investments. I hope you guys are ready for that because I have some cool people that I’ve met along the way plus some others that I would like to interview. They have some cool angles on making investments, ensuring investments, due diligence. We have a good friend of mine, Mauricio, who’s been on the show in the past. He is an attorney and specialized in syndication raising capital and sees all investments. At the same time, he sees lots of ways in which people syndicate, raise money and do it the wrong way and get themselves in trouble and subsequently get a lot of other people in trouble by losing their money. We’re going to get into the legal side of things. We’re going to get into how to do due diligence. We’re going to get into some weird, interesting types of investments that you’ve probably never heard of before. It’s going to be fun. One other thing, stick with me to the end because in the end, I am going to invite you to something.

Lessons From 2019

Let me talk a lot about what I’ve learned this 2019. If you guys are tuning in for the first time, go back, read the previous blog and binge them all there. There are some that are long. We had the longest podcast with Michael Gerber ever recorded in almost north of our 400 episodes. It was amazing. I intended for it to go maybe 30 minutes, maybe 40 minutes. It went almost two hours and it was amazing. We hope you guys had the chance to read all of that. There are some nuggets in there that totally inspired me. What I’ve learned over the years and the lesson that I’ve taken away from this season and my year spending a lot of time on personal development, I joined up with a Tony Robbins inner circle called the Platinum Partnership and have traveled all over the world. I did 8 or 9 events this year. I was everywhere. It’s insane. It was exhausting to say the least, but it totally changed my life.

What I’ve discovered about myself is the idea that the quality of your life is in proportion to the quality of your relationships. I’ve met some incredible people. Growing up, I was introverted, shy and wouldn’t go out of my way to introduce myself or talk to somebody. I still have those inclinations. At the same time, these were some of the most amazing experiences that I’ve had is coming from knowing and understanding others. With the podcast, I have a unique opportunity to ask questions, to understand a person, to hear stories and build those connections. It’s such a blessing for me. There’s no calculated way in which I got to the point where I was able to do this. In the end I look at how powerful relationships are. It’s what we all seek and to share one another with each other, all different. We’re all unique. We all have different experiences and circumstances.

It’s one of those paradoxes. The idea of connecting with people to fear, there’s this fear associated with it and it’s how we stack up or what if they knew this, how I look or how I’m perceived. We have this way in which you show up at the most successful way in which we show up is to be real, is to be earthy ourselves, to be authentic. It’s like there’s a spider sense and everybody that detects whether that’s BS or not. For me, it’s recognizing that there are some successful people out there. I don’t have to be afraid. Also at the same time, I look at many successful people and with this group that I’ve been a part of efforts, I’ve heard so many stories around success, especially in the business world, the investment world, but horrible failures in relationships, in their bodies, in their physical well-being, their health. It’s one of those things that has caused me to reflect on.

TWS 30 | Entrepreneurial Success

The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life

There’s this balance of things everybody seeks, but yet nobody ever achieves. That’s where it’s this constant refinement process over and over. It’s not on one aspect of our lives. It’s on all aspects of our lives. Them being in harmony with one another is where that fulfillment comes from. My point was within all individuals, we put people on pedestals that this successful person, they’ve accomplished and achieved all these things, but they’re human. We all battle the same things. That’s what I’m going to talk about because we’re always working on ourselves. We always have those opportunities, but unless we realize it’s going to be very difficult to suppress the real us, it’s eventually going to come out. We might as well accept it from the get-go. What I’ve learned is that I love who I am.

I don’t know if I’ve always believed that. I love the relationships that I have and I feel so fortunate and grateful for that. The same that I mentioned in the beginning, trading appreciation for expectations. It’s changed my life because there are all sorts of things that I expect. I have high standards for myself, high standards for my kids, high standards for my business, and I realize that we’re all human beings coming to the table, inadequate of subject to failure. Instead of me being frustrated or impatient with those that I’m surrounded by, even myself, I’m the most harsh on myself, it’s to be grateful for them. Grateful for who I am, grateful for my opportunities, grateful for my experiences, good, bad or indifferent. This is the perspective I’d go into these new relationships that I have. I look at from an entrepreneur perspective, I believe that we’re all facing the exact same challenge, the exact same problems in relation to getting ahead. They may be at different scales but it all comes down to fear.

Rewriting The Rules Of Failure

The fear is different, but ultimately fear boils down. The saying boils down is, “You boil saltwater, you’ll get salt in the end.” Where everything boils down to is the fear of not being loved because you have this fear of a feeling of not being enough. You don’t want people to perceive that you’re not enough for this relationship or that relationship. Everybody has that no matter what caliber of person it is, whether it’s amongst your peers, amongst your family. It all boils down to that. It’s at different degrees. These feelings of failure, falling short of expectations, it’s amazing that we have these rules that we’ve unconsciously created for what failure is. Failure, we have to define it, but failure can be defined in so many different ways. Most people would say, “I’m afraid of failing because of how I will look. People will realize that I’m not smart as I or they think I am. I’m not enough. I’m inadequate.”

Everybody has that. We all have it in some capacity in different elements of our life. Rewiring yourself to have different rules. We all had these rules where we’ve unconsciously created them. Rewriting the rule of failure could be failure is only if I fail to see a lesson in my life’s experiences. That’s where you have a challenge. Maybe your expectation is for this to happen but maybe it doesn’t happen. There’s a lesson there. There’s something amazing and failing to see that is ultimate failure. I also heard something that blew me away. It had to do with worthiness. That’s also something, especially when it comes to the Judeo-Christian world. We don’t want to be unworthy. We don’t want to do things that are against this or against that. We have all rules associated with that. I heard a new rule rewriting in the rule around worthiness which is, I’m worthy when I know I push myself beyond my previous limitations.

That’s an incredibly empowering rule. I’m not going to get into all the details of it, but we have these rules associated with how we’re happy. “I’m happy if all of these things happen.” You can be happy without that. Most people have been happy in the past without those expectations. It’s fascinating. We approach life and we approach challenge, that’s never going to end. The human experience I would say is, to constantly have these experiences where we’re challenged, we hit these emotional thresholds and we essentially make a decision in that moment. There’s another saying I love, which is, “All you need is three seconds of courage and you can change your entire life.” In those three seconds, decisions will be made about who you are, what you’re capable of, what you want. Knowing that you can overcome whatever it is to get what you want, that would completely change somebody’s life.

The gap between where we are and where we want to be is ultimately unused courage, it’s not acting on those opportunities. It’s unused faith in ourselves. Believing that we’re not capable or we’re not worthy or inadequate or we’re not smart enough. Ultimately, making decisions and facing what the world constitutes as failure in a lot of people’s eyes is success. That’s one of those common things I’ve seen with successful entrepreneurs is they’ve rewritten the rules associated with what success means and what failure means. It’s powerful and we all face these opportunities to grow. I heard a talk and it talked about how many examples there are in literature, in religious scripture about vegetation the idea of fruit and the idea of seeds. There’s this process between seed and fruit and continual fruit that’s profound. I believe there’s a parallel to our human experience. We want fruit, we want different results, we want better results.

Oftentimes it takes planting a new seed, nurturing that seed, making sure it’s in the right environment, fertilizing it, pruning it and then it gets to the point where it bears fruit and then the fruit falls off. Some of it’s eaten, some of it goes right into the soil and essentially has new seeds in there and it grows into new plants. It’s a fascinating thing to think about. You can get deep into that. The idea is in the end, people want to circumvent nature. Entrepreneurs, especially those that have been successful over and over again, understand this vegetation process, read this plant process, this natural order of things. What’s amazing is that in that order of things, you’re never going to have the same exact environment. There are going to be different storms. There’s going to be a fire. There are going to be lightning storms, a hurricane. In those storms, things get stronger.

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Oftentimes, we’re so afraid of storms. We’re so afraid of adversity and challenge. We try our best to circumvent it because it goes to this whole failure. “I don’t want to be perceived as incompetent. I don’t want to feel that I’m not enough. I don’t want to experience failure. I love people. When they see that I’m a failure, they’re not going to love me.” It’s weird how we keep coming back to that. Ultimately, I would say approaching these storms and recognizing that growth takes place when there is friction. When we approach that friction, we figure our way through it, not around it. That’s where the growth takes place. I’m going to give you guys a story that is interesting. I went to a relationship course called Relationship Mastery. It was amazing. I’m going to get into one thing that I experienced that I might get into toward the end. The one main thing I experienced there is the concept of immersion and conditioning. It was set up this way, but it was a traumatic environment in which men got into their roots of survival and it was powerful.

It was from a self-defense class, but it wasn’t self-defense in being able to defend yourself. It was self-defense by being able to have wired into your nervous system how to incapacitate somebody. It was profound because of how shocking it was. Also, because of how well I now have the knowledge of that in me. It’s powerful. The guy that taught it was a former Navy SEAL. He’s trained high-level corporate executives. You look at the guy and if you went into a dark alley in the middle of the worst situation possible, he’s the guy you would want to go with.

You look at him, his voice is like presence. He’s freaking huge. Sleeve tattoos, a guy you do not want to mess with. When he speaks, everybody shuts up, there’s a room of hundreds of hundreds of men that were completely silent when he was speaking. They started off this event by having a very faint light in the room. They played these traumatic videos. One of the videos I remember was of a store clerk and he was being robbed at knife point, not at gun point. He tried to defend himself and was unable to defend himself. Ultimately the attacker, knifed him, stabbed him to death and it was all visual. There’s nothing that was edited and my heart sank. It was one of those like your jaw dropped to the floor and you should see the room was perfectly silent because of how traumatizing it was. It showed somebody on the subway, multiple people trying to get this guy that had a gun and they all tried to go after him and he ultimately shot them. It was traumatic. During that, you had an interesting experience among this group of men. One of them completely passed out. We were all standing at the time, completely passed out. It was crazy. Then, another one passed out. He had these big thumbs on the floor. It was super traumatizing, but he showed us that to create the environment, to plant a seed. This goes to that same type of example.

The seed that he started to plant was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever experienced. He cited a book by Daniel Coyle called The Talent Code. In The Talent Code, it talks about the process of establishing what’s called myelin. It’s these different ways in which your brain is wired to do certain things by habit. It’s the whole unconscious competence where you have the Tiger Woods, the Michael Jordans, these professional people, musicians. There’s another example where you’ve conditioned yourself over and over that you do not think when you perform. You’ve done all the work. It’s built into your nervous system and you go out and you know exactly what to do. You don’t consciously know what to do, unconsciously you’d know exactly what to do. This book explains this Russian tennis camp and how they practice a specific way. The practice was done with intensity but in slow motion. What we learned to do is in this environment, it was over the course of a couple of hours. We were partnered up and we practiced this different incapacitating strikes with one another.

The strikes looked it was to the esophagus, to the artery and in your neck. I’m spacing it. The solar plexus, breaking ankles from the outside and inside the groin, how to strike the groin properly, strike the neck from the back, strike ankles from the back as well. It’s side, back and the other side. It was so intense and it was a strike over and over again. We did this over and over again to nurture that seed so that if we ever are in the situation in which our family was in jeopardy, we were attacked that we essentially had our life on the line. That our nervous system will remember what we were learning and we would be able to take out an eye, take out a throat, and incapacitate somebody with taking out their legs, their groin, their solar plexus and their esophagus. The soft spot right below your neck where if hit, the person cannot breathe. It was super traumatizing.


The point of me saying this was the idea of conditioning is building habits, building in ways of doing things. This comes down to the process of making decisions. Conditioning ourselves that when we have a challenge, when something presents itself, you have stimulus as far as the event happening then you have response, which is how you react. You can build in strategically a way in which you approach a challenge, a way in which you approach a difficulty, a way in which you approach your spouse, your children and your business opportunities. If you strategically do that and the new condition that you follow, a certain process essentially changes your life. That’s where everything happens between all the stimulus that we have, which is normally the same every single day and then the responses that we have to it, which are mainly unconscious. You can start to rewire that unconscious and respond to things, rewire things, and redefine the rules of things.

TWS 30 | Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurial Success: Failure is when you fail to see lessons in your life experiences.


This has to do with every part of our life. It has to do with our physical well-being. It has to do with our relationships, with work, our spirituality, the full spectrum. We can completely change our life with this process. That’s the thing that I’ve seen in entrepreneurs is whether they’ve done this consciously or they’ve experienced things. They’ve been able to redefine how they approach challenges. They’ve been able to redefine what they do in certain circumstances. What’s the proper way to respond? What’s the improper way to respond? Carnally are response is typically going to be survival. We’re going to defend ourselves. If somebody critiques us, we’re going to be the old tack back. If somebody is condescending or they criticize us in the workplace, we’re going to fire back. If we make a mistake, we’re going to blame other people. These are the carnal instincts that cause us to respond, the way to protect ourselves. Protect ourselves from getting hurt and feeling that we’re not enough and feeling that we’re not loved.

This is where you have to redefine that because you’re going to respond to it anyway. Between that stimulus and response is where a totally new life is available to you. The idea is making these decisions over and over again is going to give you essentially different results. I’m going to give you an example with my five-year-old. Here in the office, about a little over a year ago, one of my guys and I bought a golf simulator. We have been looking one for a while. We have a massive office space. We lease out about 10,000 square feet. We have 30,000 in total. The reason why we have such a massive office space is because we get a great deal on the office. Several years ago, there were new owners and we were about to move. They came to us with this sweetheart deal where we’re going to get almost triple the square footage with less monthly costs than the new place that we were moving. It was amazing. We’ve been here, we have one more year left, and then we’re probably going to move.

The reason I’m saying this is because we have a golf simulator in our office and it’s been amazing. I’ve totally taken this whole The Talent Code thing and practice ten minutes, 3 or 4 times a week. It totally works. I brought my five-year-old son in. It’s so amazing to have kids. It’s one of the blessings in my life and something I do not appreciate as much as I should. With my five-year-old son, I had him do exactly what I had learned at these self-defense courses. Obviously, not breaking an ankle or smacking a groin, I would not do that. My wife would crush me if I did that. Anyway, maybe when he’s older, but from a slow motion from an intensity standpoint and it was fascinating to watch. It was fascinating to experience because I had him slowly walk up one more step. For a five-year-old, this is painful to do anything in slow motion, one step, another step. Get his feet in the right location.

Entrepreneurship And Success

It is grip. “Come down, lean over the ball. Tori is going to hit, look at the back of the ball and do everything in slow motion.” I had him do it five times before he hit a real ball. It’s amazing the results of that. Physically, there’s nothing much on the line but this applies to every other aspect of life. If you’re intentional about it, you can completely rewire things. Let me move on because what I’m trying to get across to you is this whole idea of entrepreneurship and success is essentially understanding ourselves, understanding our behavior. It all starts with planting new seeds, nourishing those seeds, having patience and then seeing where things transpire. It’s going to happen most likely in ways that people don’t think this relationship is created, that relationship is created, but all starts with that planting of a seed.

I would say those seeds are the opportunities that you have between stimulus and response. I believe that you understand the significance of the decisions that you have on a daily basis. It comes down to reverse engineering the day, reverse engineering decision. It could be as simple as showing up differently at the office. It can be showing up differently when you come home. It could be showing up differently for the holidays. You’re going to have some major opportunities to do that, where you see family and it’s amazing how people resort to who they were when they were a child. They conform to how they are with their family.

Cognitive, Emotional And Physical Mastery

It does not have to be that way. You can show up completely different. You can show up with a different state. A state of loving, instead of the state that you’re all comfortable. We’re all comfortable and familiar with. There are always opportunities to be different in those moments. This is the idea behind I would say the different types of mastery. I spoke about this before, there are three forms of mastery: cognitive mastery, emotional mastery and physical mastery. What I’ve seen out there is we have an immense amount of knowledge. It’s everywhere. It’s at our fingertips. We can have access to the heaps and heaps of information but having the access to knowledge will not get us different results. This brings us to the second level of mastery, which is emotional mastery, is understanding the positive emotions and the negative emotions associated with the information you now have available to you. This is where you get to connect to if you use information and try and get new results fail, what emotions are going to take place, and then how do you redefine the rules associated with those motions in order to have a different experience?

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Doing that over and over conditioning that leads to physical mastery. You’ve purged old habits and you’ve replaced them with new habits. It’s the continual conditioning, reprogramming, rewiring and reinforcing those habits, whether it’s how you eat, how your day goes, how you show up as a father, how you show up as a friend, as son or daughter as a sibling. It applies to everything in life. How you show up as a colleague? You have the circumstances, you have that environment, but you can plant a new seed, you can nourish differently. You can prune differently, all different vegetation out there. Some require a lot of water, some require no water, weeds. Some grow quick and some grow slow. Some take years to bear fruit, some produce fruit in one season. There are all different circumstances that we have. However, we have something that separates us from the natural order of life. We have the ability to choose. We can choose what seeds we plant. We can choose how to nurture differently, observe, prune maybe uproot and replant.

Those choices that we have that we get to confront every single day. This is going to the purpose of me explaining this is what I’ve discovered in entrepreneurs. I’ll go back to the Relationship Mastery I went to. This is where many successful people were there. I can name businesses, I can name even some people, which I won’t. These are billionaires, multi-hundred millionaires who were so successful in certain areas of their life, but were either in horrible shape physically or had horrible relationships. It’s having these successes without fulfillment and fulfillment comes from a few areas.

Intimate Relationships

It’s relationships, number one, that’s where the ultimate, that type of relationship. An intimate relationship, a partner that is where I would say a lot of life’s fulfillment comes from, not everything. I would say it’s one of those primary ingredients that if you don’t have it, it’s going to be very challenging, if not impossible to have a truly fulfilling life. Having relationships, especially with male and female, that where they’re completely wired different yet they both think each other as the same. I won’t go into that. It’s this idea of wanting to have a fulfilling relationship and being willing to approach that challenge in a new way.

Being able to rewire the rules where you’re not afraid of not being enough or not being loved, that you get to the point where you’re generous regardless of the circumstances. It’s not this horse trading, where I do this, I’m only going to do that if she does that or he does this and then I’ll do that. That’s where things get off the rails. That’s why you look at all the different aspects of life and entrepreneurs face challenges in all those different regards. The equation and the ingredients are all the same, it’s just a different application. It’s approaching challenge and recognizing that there is this ideal outcome. Understanding the actual seed nurture, prune, you understand that process and you can start making decisions now. It’s not that life is going to change overnight. These are going to be some decisions that are going to be hard.

If you can rewire yourself, if you can condition yourself then it’s going to be easier and easier. You’re going to want to get to a new level and then another level. The process will never end. It’s an infinite game. It’s going to happen. The infinite game, the purpose of the game is to keep on playing. This is a game that we’re going to play for the rest of our life. There’s not an end to it. That’s probably the first thing you should be aware of. Even though there’s fruit in the end, you’re going to have a storm that’s going to blow all the fruit off and you’ve got to start somewhere else. It’s one of those things where it’s a constant, but there are some things we can be aware of so that we can start getting different results. I’m going to talk about my invitation to you guys.

The events I’ve gone to this year have been life-changing for me. It’s helped me view things differently. It’s exposed some stuff in me that I wasn’t happy about. It’s helped my relationships with my spouse first and foremost. Not without difficult conversations and realizations that I’ve had and she’s had, with my kids, especially the way in which I would respond, in way in which I would show up sometimes. This whole year has caused me to reflect on my life what I want and where I’m at, being appreciative and grateful for everything. Using that as the focus as opposed to what’s missing or what somebody’s not doing, not what are they doing. It’s allowed me to introspect over and over again and rewire myself and I’m not done.

TWS 30 | Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurial Success: Entrepreneurship and success are essentially understanding ourselves and our behavior.


Unleash The Power

There are events I’m going to go to next year, but I wanted to invite you guys to an event. It’s an event that I took my daughter who turned fifteen at the event in Miami. I took a great friend of mine and colleague Nate Butler in my office, who’s one of our advisors. These were life-changing experiences for them in different ways as you can imagine. My experience of it as well was different. This is the fourth time I’ve attended this specific event and I walked away from it with something completely different and empowering. It was amazing. I want to invite my podcast audience, The Wealth Standard podcast audience to a physical event this coming March and I believe the dates are March 12th through the 15th, and it’s in San Jose, California. I would like to not only invite you, but I want to meet you there depending on how many people end up coming. I’m going to arrange a meeting, whether it’s at a hotel or at the event itself, so we can all meet up and discuss.

We’ll do it probably after the event has started. I can’t wait to go. I’m going to bring some people from my office. It’s going to be a great event. I would like to invite you, the audience. If you guys head over to, I’m going to have some information on there and how you can essentially go and register. It has all information on there for you. This is an event that some pretty famous people have been to and go to, most notably Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman, Anthony Hopkins. This is the event of Marc Benioff, who is the Founder of Salesforce. He’s a billionaire because of creating Salesforce and a lot of those ideas, but also the courage to leave Oracle and to start his new journey came from attending this event.

I believe that in each of you, there is something that is there to be unleashed. It’s ready. That seed is there and discovering it is usually possible. When you unplug yourself from the norms, unplug yourself from your daily routine and you plant yourself in an environment that is designed to essentially bring this out of you. It’s a Tony Robbins conference called Unleash The Power. It’s his primary event. I don’t think Tony is going to be doing these conferences for a lot longer. I might be totally wrong. It’s intense. You guys will see, and it’s an incredible experience that I’ve been blessed to attend a number of times and I want to give that gift you. I want to invite you guys to come. If you have the means, some of the tickets are a few $100 but don’t sit up in the nosebleeds. I would say purchase those tickets. Make that investment in yourself for every aspect of your life. It supplies to them all. I would love to see you, too. I love to hang out with you, rub shoulders and brainstorm.

I love to give that gift to you. That’s my invite. Hopefully, you can go over to and click on the link. It’s going to be awesome. It’s March 12th to 15th, 2020 and it’s in San Jose, California. I’d love to see you there. That’s it for this episode. I hope you guys have gotten something out of it. I believe that within all humans is something super special. The fact that you are on a podcast, educating yourself, the cognitive mastery, I don’t think you’re going to change your life by reading this blog. It’s the application of that knowledge that’s going to start to change things for you.

I know that you don’t have to go to conferences in order to have the experience of physical mastery, but this is a way to accelerate that process. I’d love to see you there. Please tune in. We get some cool guests coming up. I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving. I feel very grateful to you for the support I’ve received over the years. It’s humbling and I appreciate the emails that are sent, the thumbs up they sent, the reads. It makes me incredibly grateful and appreciative that there are those out there that wants to take their life to new heights and make a bigger difference, not for themselves, but for those that they surround themselves with. I’m super appreciative to you guys. Thank you for all that you do for me. Take care.

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Mid-Season Recap: Lessons On Entrepreneurship

TWS 12 | Lessons On Entrepreneurship


We are only halfway through the season, and we have been learning a number of great things from numerous guests on our theme of entrepreneurship. In this special episode, host, Patrick Donohoe gives a recap of the main core principles from the season so far. Calling back the past seasons’ themes, he weaves these lessons into capitalism and 2018’s life, liberty, and the pursuit of property. Don’t miss out on this great wisdom compiled and delivered to you, and learn more about defining what you want and valuing the power of relationships and the power of your state.

Watch the episode here:

Listen to the podcast here:

Mid-Season Recap: Lessons On Entrepreneurship

This is going to be a mid-season recap of our theme. We still have a few more interviews to do regarding our theme of entrepreneurship. 2019 has been crazy for me. I usually have to travel maybe once a month or so for different conferences and speaking engagements. At the end of 2018, I had an incredible experience with one of Tony Robbins’ events, the Date With Destiny event. I was compelled to immerse myself in that culture. It’s been a wild ride. I’ve been to a handful of events so far. I’m recording this in July of 2019 and I have one event every month until the end of the year. It’s going to be an even crazier and busier travel schedule. I’m learning so much. I had felt compelled to review a lot of the main core principles that we’ve been learning this season from the guests on entrepreneurship and weave them into our previous themes on capitalism and in 2018, life, liberty and the pursuit of property. They all weave into one another. In the end, they provide something that I would like to focus a lot of my thoughts on now.

Main Takeaways From Events

Let me first step back and talk about some of my main takeaways from all of the events that I’ve gone to and the coaching that I’ve had. I have two business coaches now. There are two female business coaches, which is a much different dynamic than the coaches I’ve had in the past. The guests that I’ve been so fortunate to interview this year. I’ve broken down and summarized my takeaways into three things. First is to define and discover what you want. The second is the power of relationships. The third is the power of your state. I’m going to get into the details of all three of those. These came to me almost immediately. It was incredible. I’ve learned things about business finance, the mechanics of the different focus points and impact points of your business and how to have maximum growth with the least amount of improvement. I’ve learned things about tax strategy, other aspects of wealth strategy and all of these different things.

It’s not just me observing my business and myself. It’s also observing others’ businesses. That’s one of the main benefits I’ve gotten from this Platinum Partnership group with Tony Robbins. I’ve been exposed to thousands of other successful business owners. I’ve experienced what they’re going through, their struggles and their chokeholds. It has allowed me to summarize. I thought of these three things almost instantly. I believe that if you don’t understand these three things, you’re going to discover them eventually. I’ll put it that way. This is not based on my fourteen years of experience as an entrepreneur. It’s now my experience with thousands of people, both with the clients who I get to work with and my team gets to work with, as well as going to different conferences. It’s hearing stories, hot seats and much more successful than I am business owners and what they struggle with. Let me start with the first one.

Takeaways From Platinum Partnership: Discovering What You Want

I’ll start with a story. One of the conferences I went to, which is an advanced business mastery course and this was one of Tony’s smaller events. It was in Amsterdam. It was for five days. There’s an extra day exclusively for the Platinum Partnership. Most of the crowd was from outside the United States. It was amazing to see all of the different translators in the back and the languages that the event was being translated into. This was a smaller amount of people. There were probably 3,000 or so people there. It’s still a big number, but relative to some of his other conferences, it was much smaller. The last day was where this story comes from. This was a business owner who was in South America. He owned a big piece of real estate and business that had to do with the shipping port of Uruguay. He was part of a hot seat.

Oftentimes it’s easy for us to look at somebody else’s business and make recommendations than our own. Click To Tweet

One of the things that Tony and Jay Abraham did on the last day of this Platinum Day was known as a hot seat. They gave the opportunity for anyone to go to the mic and talk about some of their struggles in business. We’ve already done several days with twelve to fourteen hours of all business that spoke to every single thing that everyone who got to the mic and did a hot seat talked about or had a struggle with. Despite being able to have the education in the previous sessions, you still had these same struggles. It was interesting.

This guy, in particular, he had to raise $7 million to finish a building that had to do with his contract renewal for this shipping company that he had. He was not able to answer some of the basic questions. What came out of his mouth was all why he couldn’t do something, not how he could do something. It’s a very simple shift in language. The thing that hit me is when either Tony or Jay Abraham asked him the question of, “What do you want out of your business?” He couldn’t answer that. It hit me hard. To conclude this story, he got to the mic and wasn’t able to articulate what he wanted. Also, he was making excuses for why he couldn’t raise this amount of money.

Based on the revenues and success of his company and the money he was trying to raise, $7 million, it was like a drop in the bucket. Tony said something interesting to him. He went face-to-face with this guy and said, “I will write you a check right now. Pitch me on your business,” and the guy couldn’t do it. As he is talking through his issues, another thing occurred to me. Oftentimes, it’s easy for us to look at somebody else’s business and make recommendations, be a consultant and know what they could do to improve this, that or the other. When it comes to your own business, because you are in it and that’s where I think the whole, “Working in your business versus working on your business,” is used so often because of how challenging that is.

I’m not placing any type of judgment on this guy. I just found it fascinating. There are so many blind spots that I have met with the business that I have been discovering. With this individual, he had a guy that would give him money right there but he did not have the wherewithal, the state, the understanding, the knowledge and the basics of any business to be able to tell Tony why he should put his money there. The conversation went on and he got the nuggets he needed to go back. They even made him make a commitment regarding it that they were going to follow-up with him on. There are chokeholds in a business.

TWS 12 | Lessons On Entrepreneurship

Lessons On Entrepreneurship: The chokehold of any business is the psychology of leadership.


What I discovered about most businesses and myself is that the chokehold of any business is the psychology of leadership. A few years ago when I was having some cultural issues with my business, we had to let a bunch of people go and other people quit. All this happened within a few months. It was crazy. It made me doubt my abilities and myself. I had those feelings of insecurity. I didn’t step up as a leader. I looked at the psychology of my culture. It wasn’t until now where I connected the dots to the growth of my culture, my business and what I want to do in life first has to start with my psychology. It has to be there. My influence and leadership abilities have to be there before I expect my team or anyone within my stewardship to step up and represent that psychology or culture.

I realized and recognized a lot of limitations in myself. Now, I’m focused on my personal growth as a leader. That’s why these business coaches have been extraordinary in helping point out my weaknesses, my blind spots, to help me up my game as a leader. As I do that, the game and psychology of my team will subsequently rise. That’s the theory. It sounds awesome in theory. I do believe in that principle though and that’s why I put so much emphasis and resources behind that, especially for myself. Whether you’re an entrepreneur and working for a company, it doesn’t matter. Sit down and define what you want. Write it out. Let’s say you’re in your car and you’re going to start thinking about what you want. I’m not saying that at all. This is maybe a good tactic.

Tony Robbins has this exercise. If you go to his website, which is, he takes you through his exercise. It takes about ten minutes of breathing exercise and a visualization exercise. This puts you into this state of mind where you are thinking clearly. There’s nothing going on around you. Maybe put some noise-canceling headphones on while you’re doing this. In that state, ask yourself some questions, “What do I want professionally? What do I really want?” It’s not what you don’t want like, “I don’t want to stay at this company. I don’t want to be in this position.” It’s, what do you want? “I want this position. I want this type of company. I want this type of lifestyle.”

Once you connect with that, think through why. There’s this exercise known as the Seven Levels of Why. I don’t know if you always have to use seven levels, but ask yourself based on the answer you give. “I want to make a $500,000 a year.” Why? “It will allow me to provide this type of lifestyle for my family.” Why do you want that? “I care about my family. I want to provide them good experiences. I don’t want to have financial anxieties.” Why don’t you want financial anxieties? Why do you want to provide this type of lifestyle for them? Keep going and write all that stuff down. You’re going to get to this core why of what you want. Typically, it’s going to be, “I want to be happy. I want to have an adventure.”

Relationships are hardwired into who we are. Click To Tweet

It’s going to narrow down into something very simple. I’ll end with that first takeaway which is discovering what you want. It doesn’t have to be, “I want to make this amount of money. I want to have this type of position or this lifestyle.” You’re going to achieve that. You have to believe and want it. Write it down first, but you’re going to want stuff beyond that. This is one of those infinite game types of principles where just because you come up with it and achieve it, it doesn’t mean that that’s it. It’s going to be this never-ending pursuit. Start with something and once you connect to that, make a decision that it’s what you want.

The Idea Of Proximity

The second thing I want to talk about is something that I have experienced for quite a long time with business, family, extended family and friendships. It’s the idea of proximity. There’s a saying, “Proximity is power.” That is the nature of relationships. Relationships are hardwired into who we are. If you go back to a part of our heritage, our ancestry which is in our DNA, people weren’t alone. They were always together. They ate together around the campfire. If you go back thousands of years, archeologist will always go to where people ate. That’s where they found all this stuff. People gathered. How that happened over and over again built itself into what we desire. I believe that if you work hard enough and you repeat and have these behaviors, people can be happy by themselves.

Do you want to go against thousands of years of our ancestry? People want to be with people. I look at all the opportunities that I’ve had. It has come as a result of relationships. However, relationships also have some characteristics, healthy relationships. It’s not about how to do something, how to invest here, how to set up your tax strategy this way or how to become this. It’s who and this whole idea of proximity. I believe in the six degrees of separation these days is probably two or three. It has probably been cut in half. It’s looking at how important reputation is, how important it is to have integrity. Do the right thing. Put other people first, which is not a natural principle. As much as we’re meant to be around other people, being in groups and want relationships, we also have these fears and anxieties of being taken advantage of.

We’ve had these fear and anxieties of what people will think and say about us. That means a lot. Social media is a perfect example. We’re all connected in theory, but people lack connection more these days than any time in history. It’s this idea about understanding the value of relationships and putting yourself around good people. That’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to immerse myself this year in this group. Probably 80% of the stuff that Tony Robbins talks about, does and believes, I’m all in. The 80% is what I focus on. I don’t care about the other stuff. The other stuff maybe because I don’t understand.

TWS 12 | Lessons On Entrepreneurship

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: A Financial Strategy to Reignite the American Dream

Looking at the group of people that are all there paying a large amount of money, spending a lot of time away from their families and businesses to commit themselves to grow personally, I wanted to be a part of that group. I realized that this immersion would help me become a better husband, father and leader. It’ll allow me to focus on my psychology, my state of being, my happiness and my physical wellbeing. If that wasn’t taken care of first, the experience I have with showing up for my family, business, friends or any other role that I play in life will be less than what my potential and what I could do. That’s where I connected the dots. This is a time where I am able to immerse myself in new relationships. I’m able to be around people that are driven like me and learn certain things. I’m able to make connections and contribute in a way that I may not be able to contribute to others. It made so much sense to me. Now I’m paying a huge amount of money to do it.

I’m taking up pretty much my entire year with the goal of achieving this state of personal development, as well as an improvement or enhancement of my leadership abilities. It’s been incredible. I’ve had so many breakthroughs. I’ll use an example. I was talking to someone about Donovan Mitchell. He is a professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz. I’ve talked about it before on the show. He was either a runner up or the Rookie of the Year. 2018, he had an incredible season. He had a shoe named after him now. His nickname is The Spida. He did this commercial with Tom Holland about his shoes. Don Mitchell has his own shoes with Adidas now. He’s not just an amazing player, he’s an amazing person. How do you know that? I don’t know him personally.

I’ve met him a couple of times. How do you know he’s a good person? He does a lot on social media. If you are on social media, follow this guy. It’s amazing. He has gone to some of the Utah football games like the University of Utah, Utah State Games and local basketball games. He walks around town. He never denies a signature or a photograph. He makes it fun. He’s so approachable. When they lost to the Rockets in the last game one evening, we were bummed. The next morning, my wife was at Target, which is down the road from us. It’s halfway between where I live and where downtown is where Donovan Mitchell lives and a lot of the Utah Jazz. Cynthia saw him at Target. She and her friend got a picture with him and were talking with him.

Donovan Mitchell has this personality. I don’t know if he designed it or he was raised that way. I had a conversation with somebody that contrasted that with John Stockton. He was probably one of the more famous Utah Jazz in the past. John Stockton was a prick. He did not talk to people and give autographs. This person was telling me that he used to go to this bread store. He would wait in his car for everybody to leave and then would get out and buy bread. You have Donovan Mitchell who’s been incredible. The culture of the Utah Jazz, the season tickets are almost sold out. My point is that the person you show up as is what makes a massive difference to others.

The person you show up as is what makes a massive difference to others. Click To Tweet

In my book, Heads I Win Tails You Lose, one of the stories I put in was about LeBron James and how he treats his status as a brand, as a business. Is that the angle that Donovan Mitchell has taken? Maybe or maybe not. The idea is if you can connect with people. People are what provide the highest degree of happiness, fulfillment and achievement. Without people, it would be a pretty miserable world. I look at what we can do as human beings, as individuals. We’ve all had crap happened to us. We’ve all had these reasons to not play full out. We’ve had failures. We have our insecurities, inadequacies and weaknesses. This is where I come to the last point I’m going to make, which is controlling your state. This has to do with how you show up in those relationships and what has those relationships thrive.

The Idea Of The State

I’ll give you a couple of examples of some relationships. I can talk about this principle with some stories. The idea of the state is a big thing that I learned at one of these other conferences that Tony Robbins puts on, which is called Unleash the Power. This is something that hit me. I grew up as an introvert. I was shy. I never had a serious relationship with a woman until my wife and I’ve been married for several years now. I grew up where there were some events of my life that made me shyer and more introverted. I wasn’t expressive. I was afraid of what people thought or say. There was some fear built up based on experiences. I had repeated those stories over and over and it affected me. There were some events that caused me to break out of my shell. It’s one of those things where I’ve connected to the control that I have over how I show up, my state right now and if you think about everything that you will ever want. I’m talking more materially, whether it’s the salary amount, a job or a lifestyle that you want.

The only reason why you want those things is that you think it’s going to produce a certain state. I look at the control that we have over defining a beautiful state that we can live in without those things. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t want those things. Having an adventure and experiencing life, there’s being able to travel and go to events like the ones I’ve been talking about. Being able to take vacations, even something as simple as that requires financial resources. I get that. At the same time, what makes that so much easier is understanding what your state of mind and being consists of and figuring a way to put yourself in that state as often as humanly possible. Let me talk briefly about that.

The first is a triad. The first principle of that triad is your focus. You can always look at the glass as half full or half empty. Every experience that happens in life can be construed as good or bad. In the life that we live, people would kill. They would die. They would walk across the desert. They would do that to be in the United States. That is something that we could wake up and be way more grateful for than we usually are. Be grateful for the time in which we live. We don’t have to worry about the things that people had to worry about 100 years ago. One hundred years ago, people were working their ass off during this time of year so that four months from now, they wouldn’t be freezing on the brink of dying.

TWS 12 | Lessons On Entrepreneurship

Lessons On Entrepreneurship: Paying attention to our physicality or physiology is huge when we want to live a beautiful life and a beautiful state.


We don’t have to worry about that these days. We have so many things that are part of life that we take for granted. That sounds super cliché, but if you think about it, we could focus on something as simple as that. The feeling of gratitude, being able to understand and acknowledge that, helps us to see our experiences, whether it’s today or tomorrow, from a different perspective. That allows us to experience a different state and different degree of happiness, fulfillment and so forth. That’s the first, is focus. The second is physiology. It is your physical wellbeing. When I look at physiology, something’s connected with me. I want to do more research here. I look at all the different experiences we’ve had in our life. They’re all in us somewhere.

We can’t remember them all, but part of our unconscious mind is that most of that stuff is there. Most of our life is on autopilot like our heart beating, reactions to things and language. We use the same words. We say the same phrases. We have these very similar thoughts over and over. A lot of our life is on autopilot. Much of that is with our physical body. Our body is taking care of itself without us giving direction to it. I look at how repeated the behaviors are, whether it’s the language we use, the things we say, the things we tell ourselves. How we show up has been programmed into our habits. Those habits continued to be reinforced over and over again.

Looking at focus is one of the first ways in which you can start to reprogram your habits. The second thing is looking at your physical wellbeing. A lot of those things are built into our nervous system. We react to things that way. When somebody says this or does this, we react this way. It’s there. As far as controlling our state as we start to focus on different things, paying attention to our body, especially our stature, smiling, chest up or shoulders back. There are several things that, if you understand body language, tell the person what you’re feeling without you saying anything. That’s why nonverbal communication is 93%. It’s your feet position, shoulders, eyes, chest, smile, and frown or where you look. There are all these tells that FBI agents and interviewers know to a T but we don’t know those but they’re built into us. Paying attention to our physicality or physiology is huge when we want to live a beautiful life and a beautiful state.

The final thing is language, which are the words that we use. I can’t remember what the statistic is, but we have a set of vocabulary that we consistently use. We all know what the positive words are and what the positive tonality is. We know what the negative words are and the negative tonality. As much as we control our focus, we control how we define that focus, which is typically in words and language. When you define an experience or your physical state, when you put an adjective on something and start to describe something, you can easily say that it’s negative as you can positive. Most people, because of these survival instincts that are within us, our fear of being and what people will say, protection to our self-esteem, we typically will use negative patterns. Those affect our positive state. In the end, this may sound woo-woo to you and it probably is. This is what I’ve been going through. I’ve taken all of these experiences that I’ve had, thousands of conversations over the last six months and boiled them into these three things, which I have connected as the most important to me.

Every experience that happens in life can be construed as good or bad. Click To Tweet

I look at the pursuit of an entrepreneur, all the different people that I’ve interviewed, both in the season on capitalism and this season on entrepreneurship. You’re going to see the same theme throughout, which is people overcoming certain things, digging down deep. They may have not articulated what I have here, but I look at the power of relationships, the power of controlling your state, making certain decisions and difficult moments and in the end, understanding what you want. I’ll go back to that relationship story I was going to tell you. I was in Dallas for UPW, the Unleash the Power Within, which is a Tony Robbins event. Instead of coming home the last day, I drove down to Austin and did a video interview with someone that I’m doing some joint venture type of marketing with.

Pursuit Of Entrepreneurship And Relationships

I’ve known this individual for several years. I met him because another business associate friend of mine, we were having dinner with a very famous entrepreneur author in Austin several years ago. We decided to invite this individual. He expressed a lot of gratitude since then to us for inviting him. It was an amazing dinner. It was a lot of cool and amazing conversation. Over the course of time, we’ve talked back and forth. We have some mutual contacts and connections and I decided to maintain that. It led to a business opportunity. That’s what we’re pursuing now. This time when I was in Austin after we were done with the video shoot, we were going to go to dinner because I was leaving the next day. We ate at this amazing restaurant. The food was incredible. This individual asked if I wanted to invite anyone that I knew in Austin. Almost immediately, a person came to mind.

This individual, I’ve known for several years as well. I had an immediate bond and connection with him when I first met him. He happened to be the guy who bought the very first copy ever of Rich Dad Poor Dad. He’s writing a book with Robert Kiyosaki. I’m going to interview him. I knew he was in Austin. I didn’t know where. I reached out to him. I’m like, “I’m doing this dinner. I’m here just for the night. We’re doing it at this place.” The place happened to be within the same complex as his office and about five minutes from where he lived. He had barely, within the hour just got home from a writing retreat that he did at his place in Colorado in the mountains. We had about an hour of conversation. I was able to bring these two people together. Even though they didn’t know each other, I’ve created two additional networks.

It was such a powerful conversation. The nature of the conversation had to do with, “How can I help you out? I can do this for you.” It was an incredible experience. Never underestimate the power of relationships. You don’t know who people know. You don’t know who people will become. The greatest mistake I’ve made as a business owner and as an individual over the past is failing to recognize the importance of relationships. Over the last few years, this has been something that I’ve been so driven by, which is, “How can I create value for more people? How can I help here? How can I connect this? How can I influence this?” It’s not, “What do I get out of it?” It’s, “How do I bind people, help people and provide value?” I never called it proximity is power or the power of relationships, but I’ve always believed that people are assets.

TWS 12 | Lessons On Entrepreneurship

Rich Dad Poor Dad

There’s always something to gain by having healthy relationships. A lot of the business failures that I’ve seen over the course of time are those that don’t care about their reputation and don’t care about others, “It’s all about me.” I get it. We all have this need to be significant and see ourselves as important in the world. If you look at the John Stockton principle, when you express that, whether it’s overtly or covertly, covertly in his case, it never ends well. You build a reputation where people don’t want to have a relationship. Those are the three things. This show revolves around business, ideas, taking those ideas and bringing it to fruition, but I thought it would be good for me to say what’s up and tell you about what I’ve been doing over the last several months. Weave in some of the things I’ve been learning and what they have to do with entrepreneurship.

I have been happier over the last couple of months than I have in a long time. I associate that with what I’ve discovered about myself and these three principles, defining what you want, understanding and believing in the power of relationship and wanting to be around the who and not how. It’s, “Who can help you do this?” and not, “How do I do this?” It’s who’s already done it and building relationships where you may not have a value from that individual for years. You never know. It’s also the state. I have 60-plus employees. I have a lot going on. We have thousands of clients. There’s always something. I was gone. When I come back, there was a toilet that leaked on the fourth floor and trashed all of my marketing books. I probably have a hundred books that now toast. This stuff is going to happen, but I choose how I react to that. It didn’t affect me the slightest.

Sometimes I look at what impacts us and how we can control it and control and understand our state of being and put ourselves in the most beautiful state possible as often as possible. You’re going to see that. That’s going to impact the relationships you have with people, the goals that you set and your success. I hope you got something out of this episode. I’ve made some offers with the book in the previous episodes. If you want to go pick up the book, it’s We’re giving the audiobook for free if you buy the physical copy. You are amazing. Thank you so much for your support. I’ve been getting tons of good feedback for some of the episodes, videos and interviews. Keep them coming. The podcast is at I hope you’re enjoying this season on entrepreneurship. We get some cool interviews coming up. Make sure you stay tuned to future episodes.

If you are new, we did three seasons. We did all of 2018 based around John Locke who was an influential philosopher several hundred years ago and coined the term, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of property,” which became the pursuit of happiness in the declaration of independence. We did a season on life, a season on liberty and a season on the pursuit of property. You can go check those interviews out. That was such a fun year. The first four months of 2019, we did our theme on capitalism. Now, we’re doing on entrepreneurship. I’m not sure what we’re going to do for the third season of the year. I have some ideas. Thank you so much for your support. That’s it. Thanks. See you soon.

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