Patrick Welcomes Andrew Lanoie & Mauricio Rauld Episode – 210

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Patrick talks with Andrew Lanoie and Mauricio Rauld!

Andrew and Mauricio own a business called Four Peaks Capital Partners.  It’s a private investment firm that specializes in alternative assets.  The core mission of Four Peaks Capital Partners is to take an exclusive group of investors and get them into tangible assets that aren’t tied to Wall Street.  Simply put, their business is all about cash flow and opportunity!

Together, Andrew and Mauricio grew tired of the corporate grind… They both hated their jobs!  They decided to head out on their own, take a leap of faith, stop working for “the man” and craft their own future.

How did they do it?  What was the spark that caused them to take action?  Do successful people all exhibit the same attributes?  Listen NOW to find out!

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