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Disruptive Technology with Zach Olson, CEO of Bookly.co – Episode 149

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Welcome to the Wealth Standard Radio! Today we get to hear from Zach Olson, founder and CEO of Bookly.co and a speaker at the upcoming Cashflow Wealth Summit on business best practices. Zach and Patrick talk about Zach’s first business, a skate shop he opened up after he realized that, although he would probably never be a professional skater, he would still love to be in the business.

Although he loved skating, Zach quickly realized that the retail experience was never going to be what he wanted. After a few twists and turns, he eventually opened his current business, Bookly.co, which provides accounting software to small businesses.

Patrick and Zach talk about the importance of delivering the user experience. For example, Uber was able to dominate the market in the way they did not just because their idea was a good one, but because they provided a seamless user experience that drew people to their product. While bookly.co provides excellent accounting software, it is also working to provide an unparalled user experience that drives people to the product.

Finally, Zach and Patrick both talk about the importance of disruption. Every time there has been an advance in human technology like tools, wheel, trade farming, etc.,  there has been disruption that has caused people to have to change the way they live, possible put old competitors out of business and out of work, and generally caused difficult change that is ultimately necessary for growth. In business, it’s important to move with the flow of a new, disruptive technology so that you can stay ahead of each new wave of knowledge and technology.

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