Talking Negative Interest Rates with Matt Kerkhoff – Episode 159

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What are negative interest rate policies for? Why are some banks considering implementing them? And do they really work? Today our hosts, Patrick Donohoe and special guest Matt Kerkhoff from Model Investing sit down to go more in depth about one of previous podcast topics, negative interest rates. Join them for an in depth discussion of the effects of current and hypothetical economic policies on your money and our nation’s money!

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

0:24 Introducing Matt Kerkhoff from Model Investing

8:35 What is NERP (Negative Interest Rate Policy)

9:59 What is the Philosophy of the Fed?

15:31 Why Wouldn’t it Working?

18:49 Are the Markets Ready for Negative Interest Rates?

22:07 Debt, Inflation, and Negative Interest Rate

23:01 Is it Possible to Run out of Demand?

27:15 Boiling Things Down

29:32 When Does the Day of Reckoning Come?

31:27 How Do You Know When To Start?

35:17 Are We Prepared for Deflation?

40:22 Preparing for Change

51:39 Outro

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