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Curious about the newest internet buzz concerning alternative ways for investing? On this episode of Wealth Standard Radio we discuss 7-70 accounts. They talk about how while many people are familiar with term vs. whole life policies, not everyone knows that with the modifications made by 7-70 accounts, cash accumulates more quickly and can be accessible along the way. Come listen to them discuss the beneficial aspects of 7-70 accounts and the guarantees that come through these alternative investments.

0:00 – Intro

0:14 – Welcome

0:31 – Introducing Will Street, Esquire

1:23 – Seven seventy accounts (alternative ways to invest)

1:48 – What is a seven seventy account

3:31 – Term vs. Whole life insurance policy.

4:34 – Seven seventy accounts focus on living benefits rather than death benefits

6:30 – Premiums

8:00 – Most beneficial aspects of a seven seventy account

8:22 – Benefit #1 guaranteed growth

9:00 – Benefit #2 There are no tax consequences

10:06 – Summery and wrap up

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  1. M Evans says:

    I never heard of a 70 7’plan until today. I want to learn more. Thanks for the information.

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