The Big Names Using Life Insurance as a Win-Win Contract and How You Can To – Episode 163

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Why did the University of Michigan loan Jim Harbaugh millions of dollars to pay an insurance premium? Today our host Patrick Donohoe sits down with Will Street to talk about the increasing prevalence of life insurance policies in multi million dollar contract, and how using life insurance as a win-win strategy can benefit ordinary people, not just millionaires.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro
02:28 Patrick Talks About The Importance of Life Insurance Policies to Sports Compensation Packages and Other High Level Contracts
08:41 Why We Should Be Seeing an Insurance Policy as a Contract
11:17 How Universities Use Life Insurance Policies to Make Sure That Everyone Wins
14:18 Why You Don’t Have to Be A Multimillionaire to Apply This Strategy
15:32 What About the Person Saying “This is a Stupid Thing to Do” – Do They Have A Good Argument?
17:09 How People Misinterpret This Strategy & The Importance of Having An Open Mind
24:00 How Paradigm Life Works
26:09 Utilizing Vehicles That Will Not Demise Because of a Market Correction
31:42 How Education Changes Are Financial Future
34:07 Capturing a Return
39:22 Outro

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