The Cash Flow Guys Talk About Infinite Banking – Episode 167

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Tyler from the Cash Flow Guys podcast talks with Patrick Donohoe about Infinite Banking, investing, and getting your financial life in order. They also talk about the Cashflow Wealth Summit training event where experts in various industries teach valuable concepts about wealth and prosperity.

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Show Notes

0:00 Introduction

0:28 Interview from The Cash Flow Guys Podcast

3:11 Patrick and Tyler talk about Infinite Banking

4:25 How infinite banking replaces your 401k and bank

6:47 The philosophy around The Wealth Standard podcast

10:25 How real estate investors and business owners can use infinite banking

13:55 There’s a lot of cash on the sidelines and how that may be hurting you

16:10 The human mind is your greatest asset and your greatest liability

18:35 Financial products need to align with your financial goals

21:30 Keeping your house in order is more important than investing

23:00 Why Patrick created the Cashflow Wealth Summit

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