The Economic Impacts of the Next Presidency – Episode 142

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Welcome to the 142th episode of the Wealth Standard Episode! Today, join our host Patrick Donohoe as he discusses the effects of the next presidency with attorney at law Will Street. They focus most of their efforts and analysis on (what looks to be) the two most important candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Patrick and Will (who have both read Donald Trump’s tax plan) walk us through it’s key points, as well as its possible effect on the economy. They discuss the effects of lowering taxes, especially for businesses, and putting more money back into circulation. They also talk about whether or not Donald’s plan can achieve on of its most important goals -bringing businesses that have outsources back into the US.

Finally, they talk about Hillary Clinton’s tax plan and the effects that it might have on the economy. They discuss the motivations of the demographic that supports Hillary Clinton and the appeal of the handout. They conclude with a discussion of the importance of this election – and the state of disrepair that the American government has fallen into.

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