The Economics of Trump Hillary – Episode 168

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Are we financially doomed with Hillary or duped by Trump? This is the most polarizing political scene we’ve ever faced with a financial meltdown hanging over our heads. In this episode Patrick Donohoe and guest host Chunga talk about the economic impact the candidates will have on your finances. You don’t want to miss this fast paced, energetic episode.

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Show Notes

0:00 Introduction

0:36 Talking with guest host Chunga

5:20 The business of media consulting and politics

6:45 Diving into Patrick’s economics background

9:49 The problem with financial experts is they only talk about the “ideal world”

11:20 Life is all about experiences at the end of the day

14:13 The balance of financial education and financial prudence

16:40 How the Fed and Wall Street get involved with politics

19:02 The role of the President has changed and it’s more important than ever

22:42 Which President will be better for the economy?

27:50 The tax code is a map so you don’t have to pay taxes

29:37 Will a flat tax work?

34:44 If Patrick was President what would he do?

38:17 In order for there to be a true correction and movement there needs to be a major disruption

39:35 The 2008/2009 crash has made Patrick optimistically cautious

42:03 Who will have a more positive impact on the economy; Trump or Hillary?

48:47 Talking about Thomas E. Woods books and his financial viewpoints

50:33 Who Patrick thinks will win the election

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