The Second Best TIme To Plan

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Nearing the age of retirement and realizing you set the date without doing any of the planning for it? This episode of the Paradigm Life podcast, Justin and Will discuss a conversation Will had with a client who was in this exact position. They discuss the importance of setting a plan so that you are prepared for the day when retirement quickly sneaks up on you. They explain how to make an appointment with an agent that can help you make this plan regardless of how far or close you are to retiring. They teach what things you should come prepared with in order to have the most successful meeting possible. Don’t wait for retirement to sneak up on you, learn today about how to prepare for your future.

0:00 – Intro

0:15 – Welcome

1:00 – Will’s conversation with his client about getting a retirement plan.

3:20 – It is not too late to call and set up a retirement plan.

5:00 – How to turn your accumulative wealth into a month to month paycheck

7:30 – What do you need to have prepared for your conversation with an agent about a plan

8:47 – Have a general idea of your assets

9:13 – Roughly Know your liabilities

10:02 – Know your social security

10:40 – Know your pension pay out

11:25- How to set up a meeting with an agent at Paradigm Life

12:20 – Summary and wrap up

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