The Three Destroyers of Wealth – Episode 104

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1380007_75870024Patrick and Brad discuss the three wealth destroyers. They breakdown what banks do with your money. Inflation is analyzed for it’s good, but mostly bad qualities. And have you ever wondered how to curb the effects of taxes and fees? Find out on today’s episode of The Wealth Standard.

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[0:00] Prologue

[0:20] Rothschild’s and Money

[1:50] Virtual Cashflow Wealth Summit

[3:26] Inflation- The First Wealth Destroyer

[6:47] The Inflation Gap

[8:37] Supply and Demand of Intelligence

[11:36] Breaking Down Inflation

[13:22] The Money Multiplier

[15:48] Dollars and Coconuts

[17:00] CPI Manipulation

[19:35] Banking Collusion

[21:43] The Government’s Access

[23:08] Investing in the Government

[26:04] Economies on the Brink of Transition

[27:36] Examining Asset Investments

[30:25] Taxes- The Second Wealth Destroyer

[33:28] Strategies to Make Taxes Work for You

[35:35] Impacting and Restructuring Taxes

[38:48] Fees- The Third Wealth Destroyer

[40:45] Knowing and Changing

[43:17] Outro

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