The Three Most Important Assets – Episode 158

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Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Patrick Donohoe’s speech from the Cash Flow Wealth Summit! Today on the Wealth Standard Radio we are playing the audio from Patrick’s speech at the Cash Flow Wealth Summit about the three most important assets for financial independence. Find out why the most important asset is yourself, how the perpetual wealth strategy can benefit you or your business, and finally how you can gain competence dealing in material assets.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:05 Pat’s Presentation from the Cash Flow Wealth Summit

02:40 Paradigm Life’s Journey

04:16 The Three Steps to Financial Independence

04:59 The Number One Asset: You

24:04 The Number Two Asset: The Perpetual Wealth Standard

36:51 The Number Three Asset: Material Assets

44:20 Outro

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