The Works of the Wealth Standard

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How does your money move? How does it work? How can you maximize the efficiency of your wealth system? You’ll learn about all those questions and more in this episode of The Wealth Standard Radio. Our host, Brad Gibb, is joined by fellow wealth strategist, Nate Butler, to discuss the wealth standard and share real life examples showing how various clients put the wealth standard to work.

Brad and Nate share stories, including their own, of how the wealth standard has influenced people of all ages and backgrounds, from Nate’s 6 year old son, to the 78 year old part-time nurse. These examples illustrate the benefits of understanding what the wealth standard is, of knowing how your dollars grow and flow, and how you can make the most of your wealth system and its effectiveness.

0:15 – Intro and Welcome
0:44 – Preview of show
2:55 – Nate and the Wealth Standard Concepts
6:38 – What is human life value?
08:40 – Brad’s Policies
10:55 – Talking about control
14:15 – What is investing?
15:50 – Client examples
16:15 – The middle age client
21:50 – The early retirement client
26:25 – The retiree
32:05 – The modern age Job
39:04 – The business owner
40:57 – The “Am I too old?” client
47:02 – The elderly client
50:30 – The real estate shifter
54:00 – Closing comments

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