Transforming Yourself at The Brian Tracey Event- Episode 145

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Join us today with special guest Kyle Wilson as we continue on our theme of personal improvement. Our host, Patrick Donahoe, sits down with Kyle Wilson to talk about his long time service in the personal development industry, why he left, and how he is starting to come back in.

They discuss the Brian Tracey Event being held May 13-15th in Dallas, Texas. The event is the twenty year anniversary of Success Mastery Academy, and will include such special guests as: Darren Hardy, Vic Johnson, Tom Ziglar, Erica De La Cruz, Ron White, Seth Mosley and more. The conference will focus on the skills you need to take your business to the next level.

Finally, Patrick makes a very special, first come, first serve offer! For those who listen to the podcast till the end and follow his instructions, he is an offering an all expenses (except airfare) paid trip to the Brian Tracey event! This will include hotel fare, food stipend, transportation costs from the hotel to the event, and the cost of the conference itself! If you’re interested in going to an event that will change the way that you do business, tune in!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Watch this post Monday to find out who it is.

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